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10 Best And Legal Backpage Alternative Websites [2020]

A few years back, Backpage was the first thing that crossed our mind whenever we thought of putting up a classified ad. But things are different now!

Since the forced closure of the biggest personal classified ads websites back in 2018, there have been dozens of backpage alternatives on the Internet.

However, not all of them can be called the best Backpage replacement(alternative) just because these sites look like Backpage. In order to compete with the original, websites need to offer diverse classified ad categories, an intuitive UI and a huge user base to interact with. If you are also on the same page, let’s look at some of the websites that have come pretty close to offering a similar experience 

Note: Alexa Ranking is a measure of the website’s popularity.

Best Backpage Alternatives For 2020

1. Craiglist

Craiglist tops the list when we talk about sites like Backpage. The classified ad website has an extensive user base, simple UI with lot of different categories.

Among the many classified ads, Craiglist was once famous for personal ads. These also included adult ads, but the service was closed down in 2010 when US state attorneys general claimed that many advertisements promoted prostitution. In March 2018, Craiglist decided to remove the personal ads entirely.

Although Craigslist isn’t a dating site any more, it is still famous for posting other kinds of classified ads. On the homepage, you can select a specific classified category. There are also helpful links on the left side of the homepage, such as “avoid scams and fraud” and “personal safety tips.”

Alexa Ranking #147

Why use Craiglist? Second-most popular classified ad website after Backpage and certainly alternative for Backpage.

2. Facebook

Facebook is one of the top social media platforms on the planet. But what you might not know is that many Facebook users also use it to buy and sell products.

Assuming you already have an account, to sell something on Facebook, simply click on the “Buy and Sell Groups” button on the Explore menu. Now, just jump on any group and start posting your ad. Since Facebook has the maximum user base of all Backpage alternatives, the classifieds list here is more extensive.

If you are looking for a specific product, you can just type in the keyword in the Facebook search bar at the top. There is no structured way to contact buyers, so you can either comment on their posts or message them directly. Other than the marketplace, there is also a job section. However, it is not as popular as other job portals.

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Back in 2018, Facebook also launched a dating platform for its users. With such a huge userbase, Facebook is certainly one of the best Backpage alternatives of 2020.

Alexa Ranking — #6

Why use Facebook? More than 2.5 billion active users Fast interaction with buyers.

3. ClassifiedAds

ClassifiedAds is another popular Backpage alternative where you can post personal ads, along with ads in other classified categories. The “Personals” section on the homepage offers many categories, such as casual dating and more. Posting ads on ClassifiedAds involves a long list of steps, but you can look at the video tutorial for any help. The only issue with this Backpage similar website is the obtrusive ads mixed among the regular ad postings.

Alexa Ranking — #26,145

Why use ClassifiedAds? As Backpage alternative, it is Easy-to-use interface Post a free ad without signing up.

4. Locanto

Locanto is another popular classified ad destination that is perfect for people looking for Backpage alternatives in 2020. Originally founded in Germany, the site is now available in over 60 other countries. The site has many different categories of classifieds, such as automobiles, furniture, jobs, release estate, and personal ads. The website also has an Android app as well as an iOS app.

Posting an ad is quite easy in Locanto. Due to the huge userbase, there is a high chance that your ads will get a huge response. The Indian version of Locanto is also a popular destination for matrimonials and Backpage alternative.

Alexa Ranking — #16783

Why use Locanto? Modern UIA separate section for dating

5. Reddit

Reddit is one of the biggest social media platforms where you share news, content, literally anything while keeping your identity anonymous. People new to Reddit may not know about “Subreddits,” which are essentially communities comprising people with shared interests.

One of those million communities is Reddit Personals with over 334,000 members. As you might have guessed, the subreddit is for people to meet other people. The idea is similar to Backpage personals worked — you post your requirements and details about yourself such as your interests, hobbies, etc. Get 50% Discount on Green Bar Single-domain EV SSL 

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The best part is that there are no borders, as people from around the world can communicate with each other. In a way, it is the best alternative to Backpage personals in 2020. However, classified ads are a no-go on this website.

Alexa Ranking — #18

Why use Reddit Personals? Meet people from different countries Get 1 month of Namecheap VPN for free!  Stay anonymous.

6. Gumtree

Gumtree should certainly be on your mind if you are looking for something similar to Backpage classified advertising. Once a popular UK-based advertising website, the site has grown into one of the best Backpage alternatives, given you are only looking for classifieds related to properties, automobiles, etc.

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Posting a free classified ad on the website requires one to create an account. But even without having an account, you can go through thousands of products listed on the site daily. I wouldn’t exactly call it a Backpage replacement since it doesn’t include personal ads. However, this is one of the best-classified websites available on the Internet. Gumtree is only available in the UK.

Alexa Ranking — #3207

Why use Gumtree? Clean and visually appealing design.

7. LetGo

LetGo is probably the first classified ad website people around you will suggest if you are planning to sell a product. Founded in 2015 by the former CEO of Olx, the Backpage alternative has gained an immersive amount of user base.

The marketplace has a smooth and clear user interface. A few major ad categories can be seen on the home page. Further down, you can see people’s listing of different products and services. Once you log in, you can even save a listing. You also have the option of sharing it on social media platforms. The Backpage-like website also has an Android app as well as an iOS app.

Alexa Ranking — #2589

8. Oodle

Oodle is a classifieds aggregator launched in 2004. The site showcases thousands of queries from different websites. In 2006, Oodle launched its personal ads section, so it’s more or less the new Craigslist personal ad alternative.

Unlike other Backpage alternatives, classified ads on, Oodle are purely aggregated results from different websites. With the help of Oodle, you can get an idea of which site has the most extensive ad listing. This is useful if you’re looking for a particular combination of attributes that are not available on every website.

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Alexa Ranking — #23,268

Why use Oodle?A dedicated personals ad section with Aggregated queries is certainly a Backpage Alternative in 2020

9. OkCupid

Another Backpage Alternative, the matchmaking game in the new digital world is different from what it was a few years back. I am pretty sure you have heard about Tinder: the popular matchmaking app available on desktop and smartphone users.

OkCupid is quite similar to Tinder, only it is much more popular than Tinder. The matchmaking process on these websites is quite identical to the personal ads on Backpage alternatives.

You create a profile, put up a bio, put a beautiful looking picture of yourself, and that’s it. You can now go through hundreds of profiles in your area. Once a mutual connection is established, you can start chatting with the person. Come to think of it, OkCupid and others are kind of like the new Backpage of this era.

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Alexa Ranking — #1507

Why use OkCupid? Best for dating Hundreds of questions to describe yourself.

10. OLX

OLX is another popular Backpage alternative. It is popular worldwide for being the best buy and sell website. Sadly, it is not available in the US, UK, Australia, and other tier-one countries.

People can find free classified ads about nearly everything from furniture, cars, pets to even houses and apartments. Moreover, there is a huge section for job postings with defined categories.

There is no adult section, so it’s not completely similar to Backpage. But people looking for an alternative to Backpage in 2020, particularly for classifieds, would certainly be pleased.

In perspective, it’s the new Backpage equivalent for 2020, excluding adult content of course.

Alexa Ranking — #1260

Why use OLX? Famous buy and sell website in several countries Hundreds of classified ad categories Backpage replacement site for personals

Like OkCupid and Tinder, there are hundreds of portals where people go – to have “fun.” Following the shutdown of Backpage, many have already shifted to these matchmaking websites. On top of that, these Backpage alternative websites even have apps on Android and iOS.Register Your Domains Hassle-Free with Namecheap starting at $3.98/year


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