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10 Best Hollywood Romantic-Dramas Of Last 10 Years: From Before Midnight To Marriage Story

10 Best Hollywood Romantic Dramas Of The Past Decade

10 Best Hollywood Romantic Dramas Of The Past Decade
Before Midnight To Marriage Story To Moonlight – 10 Best Hollywood Rom-Dramas Of The Past Decade ( Photo Credit – IMDb )

There is no doubt about the fact that romance is an inseparable wing of Cinema and all of us crave for it. While world cinema continues to make films that make us smile wide, cry, break and sometimes hope that the things will fall in place, Hollywood has also managed to make quite a many that gave us the chills. In the decade that has bid us adieu, we have seen Hollywood churn out some amazing romantic dramas.

Where Ryan Gosling made us all skip a beat with that gaze in the climax, Joaquin Phoenix made us realise how you not only need flesh and bone human to fall in love with. Today on. Koimoi, we list 10 of our favourite Romantic dramas from Hollywood that moved us in the past decade.


It doesn’t happen every day that we watch a film that resonates with you at extreme levels. Scarlett Johansson and Adam Drivers marriage story is about a dysfunctional couple amid a divorce argument and what is does to their surrounding. And the argument sequence, a treat! Also, there’s Laura Dern in here!


Which devil on earth will not include this saga and its parts in whichever decade they are released. Ethan Hawke and Julie Delpy’s Before Midnight is a conclusion to The Before series. Calking it conclusion also makes no sense, actually defining the Before series in itself is not easy. Nothing happens, its just two people meeting at several points in their lives and talking. But not to forget it is the most cathartic piece of conversation we might have heard.


Ever thought someone would set a gay love story in a blueprint made for the so-called ‘usual’ romance dramas! Armie Hammer and Timothée Chalamet’s heartbreaking Hollywood drama Call Me By Your Name did the unusual. Nothing is different, Love is Love and that is how it must be seen. The range the Chalamet brought to the screen happens to be the highlight. Highly recommended.

HER (2013)

If defined in a line, Her is a man falling in love with his IOS. Wait, IOS? Yes, Joaquin Phoenix (before Joker made him a popular across) gave one of his career-best performance in this movie where it isn’t necessary to be a human to fall in love. Her was unique in every sought, the idea, execution, visual and not to forget, the emotions.

LA LA LAND (2016)

You can actually put La La Land in all lists that talk about romance, drama and entertainment in Hollywood. It has everything. Starring Emma Stone and Ryan Gosling, this musical at the heart of it is an aching story of two dreaming individuals on the cliff to decide love or career. I would suggest you indulge in this one by switching off from the world. Let the gaze in the climax pierce your heart.


Bradley Cooper with his unbelievable eyes and Lady Gaga’s piercing voice together in a film is already a double bonanza. A Star Is Born is a classic that has been remade quite some times, but Bradley and Gaga’s version definitely leads the pack. From the songs to drama to emotions, everything in the film demands your attention.


This is a teenage Hollywood drama that broke even adult hearts. Adaptation of Jon Green’s novel by the same name, TFIOS starring Shailene Woodley and Ansel Elgort is about two halves coming together to make one. They meet fall in love, but they don’t have a life or the time to live. But does that stop them from making the most of whatever is left?


Trust Justin Baldoni if you want to cry buckets. Five Feet Apart is very close to Hollywood’s own TFIOS but has its own charm. It’s rare to find films on the same lines but both being equally shattering. Starring Haley Lu Richardson, Cole Sprouse and Moisés Arias is a heartbreaking watch.


Here is a black man already surrounded by his problems, problems that the world piles upon him and the pressure of discovering his own sexuality. Mahershala Ali’s Moonlight directed by Berry Jenkins in one of his parallel plots has a love story that craves for attention and but never asks for it. The climax of this Oscar-winning saga is one of the most cathartic ones in cinema.

5 To 7 (2015)

He is a writer, she is a married woman, love blossom between the two. But what’s ahead? She only meets him from 5 to 7, but can that be the format for the life that awaits? Anton Yelchin and Bérénice Marlohe’s Hollywood film is an unusual take at a dynamic that does not fit into the society’s mould of righteousness and deserves all the attention.

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