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10 Best Sci-Fi Dramas Of Last 10 Years: From Interstellar To Blade Runner 2049

10 Best Sci-Fi Dramas Of Last 10 Years: From Interstellar To Blade Runner 2049

10 Best Sci-Fi Dramas Of Last 10 Years: From Interstellar To Blade Runner 2049
Interstellar To Blade Runner 2049 – 10 Best Hollywood Sci-Fi Dramas Of The Past Decade(Pic credit: IMDb)

Time and again, cinema has managed to make us all scratch our heads and even be confused for days and haunted for life. One of the genres that have been an ardent contributor for this content is Sci-Fi. Hollywood every year on an average churns out at least one science fiction that questions our brain cells to their maximum limit. Over the years the genre has seen a massive evolution. Be it the Stanley Kubrick classic 2001: A Space Odyssey or decades later Christopher Nolan challenge cinephiles across globe with Inception, the evolution is massive and for good.

So today as we all marvel the works of these filmmakers who have managed to add a big thrill in the movies, we at Koimoi list 10 of our favourite Sci-Fi Hollywood flicks from the past decade. Read on:

BLADE RUNNER 2049 (2017)

Which fan of the genre hasn’t seen and relished Blade Runner 2049, if you are one, set your priorities. Taking the story ahead, Blade Runner 2049 was visually stunning and edge of the seat vision of the dystopia in which our hero is looking for a Blade Runner lost 30 years ago. Ryan Gosling leads this vehicle, maybe that will excite you more.


You thought God Christopher Nolan won’t be in here? Dystopia in Interstellar is knocking on the door. Humans are looking for a new planet for the mankind. Matthew McConaughey takes the reigns of leading the search. Nolan’s movie made us scratch our heads in chorus. The detailing and cinematic jewel that the film offered was insane. Accept the truth that it took all of us at least 3 re-watches to understand this monster of a film.

FIRST MAN (2018)

The fact that it took someone decades to realise the cinematic brilliance of Neil Armstrong’s story in itself is a shocker. First Man scales Armstrong’s journey from 1961 to 1969 and the struggles and hardships that made him the first person to set his foot on the moon. Directed by Damien Chazelle, this one also starred Ryan Gosling in the lead. Claire Foy is a highlight here.

GRAVITY (2013)

Sci-fi Gravity starring George Clooney and Sandra Bullock had intrigue, thrill, space, suspense, everything to pull the audience. And to make them stay, it has Alfonso Cuaron leading the ship. One on his last ride and the other on her first set out for a space tour. Hell breaks loose when their medium of transport is destroyed and they are stranded up.

ARRIVAL (2016)

The mankind is in danger, both due to a war on the door and an unidentified visitor. Ammy Adam’s Arrival is all kinds of race against the time. Hoping from one location to other, the film is a balanced out act of thrilling scenes and some never seen before visuals. Amy wins the show in this film.


Tracing where it all began in the Star Wars universe is a herculean task, but guessing the future is easy, it’s getting wonderful. Star Wars: The Last Jedi took the story ahead and had a lot of thrills with the fantasy plot. But in top of that, there were emotions and a lot of it. It passes off as a Sci-fi too.


If Furiosa is not one of your favourite women characters written in the world cinema, I don’t want to be friends with you. Mad Max Fury Road took the story ahead and was a film that spoke about the woman power With full strength. Charlize Theron and Tom Hardy elevated the film with their performance.


Matt Damon’s stranded act in The Martian is clever to describe in a word. Not just the general sci-fi stuff to offer but there is an underlined humour in there. The protagonist blasts off from Mars and gets stranded there. NASA relentlessly strives hard to bring him back home.


There is more to Snowpiercer than just calling it a Sci-fi. End of the day it was Bong Joon Ho’s Hollywood debut. Starring Chris Evans, Snowpiercer is about a post-apocalyptic universe where the last survivors are on a train. You must watch this one to see the underlined thought that the filmmaker has to present.


This one in the list passes as an ambitious experiment. Sorry To Bother You is about a man who finds a key to an alternate universe and becomes successful. There is drama, humour, comedy and thrill to the max. Watch it, give it a try.

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