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10 Google Tricks You Didn’t Know About

10 Google Tricks You Didn't Know About

Even though Google is rightfully called the Internet monopoly, not everyone knows how to find what you’re looking for. As the world’s most popular search engine, it nevertheless keeps its secrets, which we will share in this article.

  1. “” to search more accurately

If you put the phrase you’re searching for in quotes, Google will only search for web pages that contain that exact phrase.

Example: “email newsletter examples.”

2. * to search for citations

In case you need to find a quote and can’t remember the whole thing, put you’re the whole quote in quotes and put an * instead of the forgotten word.

Example: “Content is *.

3. 3D model of an animal

From mobile devices, type the name of the animal into the search engine.

For example “bear” and the search will allows you to see a full-size 3D model right at home, with the camera.

4. Use & to search for words in a single sentence

If you need to search not just for words, but for sentences, spell the words and connect them with & – then the ubiquitous Google will find all documents for you where these words can be found in the same sentence.

Example: content & marketing.

5. Find something by a synonym

Various synonyms are an integral part of any language. Sometimes it prevents you from finding specific data, but in certain situations, it helps. When the need arises to find quality portals on a given topic, it is recommended to use the symbol ~.

For example, the query “healthy ~food” allows learning about healthy products, learn recipes for healthy food, as well as start to eat right. And without offers to buy food, you can’t do without it.

6. Turn your browser into a notepad

If you need to write something down urgently and you don’t have a pen or paper handy, you don’t have to frantically look for the notepad application on your computer. Enter the text of the following form into the address bar:


Press enter and a blank page appear. It is advisable to add it to the bookmarks at once – so that you don’t have to enter the code again later.

7. Read archived newspapers

To find a scanned page of a newspaper article, type site:google.com/newspapers and your query into the search bar. Note that queries are only accepted in English. By the way, it will be helpful when you need to find a special material, for example, problem solution speech.

Use it like that: site:google.com/newspapers The Berlin Wall.

8. Flip a coin right in your browser

Search for “flip a coin” and Google will flip a coin for you. You can also flip a dice by typing “roll a die”.

9. Voice Input

You can enter text, edit it, write comments and tips to your document using voice input. To have Google Docs record your speech, turn on the microphone on your computer or phone. Speak clearly and separately. If you find mistakes in the text given out by Google, do not be surprised: the program recognizes Russian speech much worse than English.

10. Search by site

Google search works better than built-in search engines on sites. To use Google with a local purpose, specify site:site_address_search_query.


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