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2 Days 1 Night: Kim Seon Ho’s dad REVEALS he’s happy but also worried about his son’s popularity skyrocketing

2 Days 1 Night: Kim Seon Ho's dad REVEALS he's happy but also worried about his son's popularity skyrocketing

In the latest episode of 2 Days 1 Night, Kim Seon-ho’s father decided which 2D1N member would be his son’s fishing buddy as he himself couldn’t make it.

In the latest episode of KBS 2TV variety show 2 Days 1 Night, the cast members were seen making their own wishes come true. When it comes to Kim Seon-ho, the Start-Up star”s wish was to go fishing with his father. Unfortunately, Seon-ho’s dad couldn’t make it and hence, it was up to Kim Sr. to decide, over a phone call, which 2D1N member would take his place as his son’s fishing buddy.

After exchanging pleasantries and before deciding on the 2D1N member, Kim Jong-min asked Seon-ho’s dad how he felt about his son’s popularity skyrocketing these days especially with his endearing Han Ji-pyeong performance being praised by everyone. To this, Seon-ho’s dad honestly replied, “I’m happy, but I’m also worried. Since [Seon-ho] is now bearing a heavier burden, he has to be careful not to drop it,” via Soompi. Moreover, when DinDin asked if he watches 2 Days 1 Night, Seon-ho’s dad gushed that he never misses a single episode. However, just like Seon-ho predicted, when asked to choose his favourite 2D1N member, his dad revealed that he likes all the members considering it “torture” to choose any one.

Given that the fishing trip would take several hours with the weather being extremely cold, the 2D1N members started negotiating with Seon-ho’s dad so as to not be chosen. DinDin quipped how he and Seon-ho may start bickering on the boat which could be dangerous before attempting to bribe Seon-ho’s dad, promising to send him some premium Korean-raised beef. Seon-ho stated that DinDin better keep his promise because his dad loves Korean beef.

On the other hand, Ravi used the flattery tactic as he gushed how Seon-ho is making the citizens of South Korea really happy right now and that he’s warmed their hearts and filled them with love. Ravi also spoke about his past bad experience on a boat whilst hinting how he has already suffered enough. When Jong-min came on the phone, Seon-ho’s dad audibly perked up which had the former getting nervous while the rest of the 2D1N members exclaimed how Jong-min was going to be Seon-ho’s fishing buddy. Jong-min had everyone laughing when he quipped how his health has deteriorated while filming 2 Days 1 Night for a long time.

Yeon Jung-joon tried to encourage Seon-ho’s dad to pick Jong-min with the reasoning being that Seon-ho will get a lot of screen time on 2D1N if he’s with Jong-min. If Seon-ho were to go fishing with him, Jung-hoon quipped that all he’ll get is the fish they catch. Ultimately, Seon-ho’s dad chosen Jung-joon, much to his dismay, as an excited DinDin yelled, “Father, I’ll be sending you some Korean-raised tenderloin right away!”

In my father’s eyes, [Yeon] Jung-hoon is someone who’s good at everything,” Seon-ho, after hanging up, explained as to why his dad must have chosen Jung-hoon to be his fishing buddy.

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