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6 Issues WWE subtly told us on RAW: In Your Face

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Welcome to this week’s version of issues WWE subtly told us on RAW: In Your Face! We will skip the bits about the Champion vs Champion Value Team title match, Liv Morgan and Ruby Riott’s rapid victory, and RAW Underground, where Braun Strowman made an affect. Let’s jump apt into the core angles of RAW:#6 The Keith Lee-Drew McIntyre pleasant rivalry disappears on RAW Friends no more?While Keith Lee and Drew McIntyre starting with a pleasant rivalry, all of that modified all the arrangement in which via the night. Drew McIntyre’s fixed Claymore kicks to Randy Orton final week rendered him potentially out of Conflict of Champions 2020.As a consequence, it turned into once announced that Keith Lee would face Drew McIntyre in the most important occasion of RAW and if he won, he would replace Randy Orton at Conflict of Champions 2020. Now we know that no replacement is occurring.On the opposite hand, WWE save the ‘pleasant rivalry’ between two babyfaces on RAW aside. Keith Lee turned into once already upset at Drew McIntyre for continually interfering in his matches in opposition to Randy Orton.Drew McIntyre, who spoke quite neatly for any individual with a broken jaw, turned into once provoked in a unhurried the curtain incompatibility and it ended in no longer fully a brawl but a chance of cancelation for the Conflict of Champions 2020 most important occasion.RETRIBUTION interrupted the most important occasion (after already making one appearance on-show masks) and it turned into once a no-contest. We will get back to the aftermath of it, but the manufacture looks to be a technique to offer protection to both males.

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WWE can’t always offer protection to Keith Lee on RAW, but this is succesful of perhaps factual be a artful tactic of inserting him into the WWE title match at Conflict of Champions. It’ll be an Ambulance match and if ends up being a Triple chance, or no longer it is the ideal excuse to use the title off Drew McIntyre and save it on Randy Orton, who l
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