“A 20-year journey a piece to make it happen”-Drew McIntyre comments on his upcoming match against Bobby Lashley (Exclusive)

Drew McIntyre and Bobby Lashley will clash at WrestleMania 37

Drew McIntyre is all set to main event WrestleMania 37 on April 10th. The Scottish Warrior will go up against Bobby Lashley on Night One of the Show of Shows, where he will be looking to take back the WWE Championship.

McIntyre recently sat down with Sportskeeda Wrestling’s Riju Dasgupta for a short interview. He discussed a variety of topics including a possible match with Edge, about celebrity star Bad Bunny and his upcoming title bout.

When asked about his match at WrestleMania 37, Drew McIntyre reminisced about the path both he and The All Mighty had to travel to get there. He also recalled some of his previous matches with Lashley outside of WWE.

“Outside the company is where we really had to start working hard because we didn’t take advantage of those big opportunities and we had to start from scratch, we had to start building ourselves up, trying to find ourselves, starting to reach our potential. We had the chance to face each other and have some big matches and do some cool stuff. I’m very proud of those matches. But now after we worked our way back to WWE, worked our way to the top of the card, worked our way to the main event of WrestleMania for the WWE Championship. Both of us at the top of our game right now, it is so crazy. A 20-year journey a piece to make it happen,” said Drew McIntyre.

Drew McIntyre is confident he will defeat a ‘worried’ Bobby Lashley

Bobby Lashley is on a roll at the moment and will prove to be a hard challenge to overcome for the Scotsman.

That being said, Drew McIntyre is confident about his chances and believes The All Mighty is worried.

“Of course, still Drew McIntyre here, won the Royal Rumble, beat Brock Lesnar at WrestleMania while Lashley worked so hard got to the finish line and decided to screw me over at Elimination Chamber, gift the title to The Miz, so that he could beat The Miz instead of McIntyre. Then sent a bunch of guys after me to try and kick me out before WrestleMania. Showing that he is a little bit worried about Drew McIntyre and he should be because I am going to kick the crap out of him at WrestleMania and win the WWE Championship for the third time,” said Drew McIntyre.

Will Drew McIntyre regain the WWE Championship for the third time? Let us know in the comments section below.

Published 03 Apr 2021, 05:50 IST

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