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Abby Lee Miller Criticizes Britney Spears’ Dancing And Fans Clap Back!

Abby Lee Miller Criticizes Britney Spears' Dancing And Fans Clap Back!

As fans know, Britney Spears really likes dancing and she also loves posting videos of her freestyling for the camera! But, that can also be interpreted as an invitation for people to criticize her every move – literally!

That being said, this time around it was none other than Abby Lee Miller who stumbled upon Britney’s latest clip and gave her some advice in the comment section.

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The Dance Moms’ comment was short and to the point, telling the pop star to ‘close [her] ribcage’ in order to improve her form.

However, some fans did not appreciate the unsolicited advice so they proceeded to drag Abby Lee!

It all started with Britney posting a new video in which she was spinning around in her living room while India Arie‘s ‘Ready For Love’ was playing in the background.

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‘Close your rib cage!’ the dance instructor commented under it, grabbing the attention of many of Spears’ fans.

Here are some of the clap backs she got in response: ‘let the girl dance smh not everyone’s trying to dance at a company.. anyways love you brit.’ / ‘ab c’mon give her a break she cannot control anything.’ / ‘Leave Britney alone!’

At the same time, there were also some followers who fully supported Abby’s advice, leaving comments such as: ‘Yes queen Abby has entered the comments!’ / ‘tell her abby!’ / ‘LMFAO QUEEN ABBY.’ / ‘lol omg this is brilliant- I was JUST thinking that!!!! The Queen of dance has spoken!!’ / ‘only true dancers would understand this. ‘ / ‘and lift those hips!’

Other followers in the comment section could not help but express their worries for Britney since her whole conservatorship situation is still going on.

As you may know, the internet has started a hashtag movement known as ‘Free Britney’ that is demanding that she be released from her supposedly controlling father’s conservatorship!

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