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Actor, Singer and Dancer Paribhasha Mishra is all set to wow the film industry

Paribhasha Mishra

Multi-talented personality Paribhasha is playing a lead character in the upcoming feature film DELIVERED directed by AkashGoila that focuses on biases the society has around women. 

“I have been always inclined towards doing more women centric characters in films that address several issues pertaining to women,” announces Paribhasha, a Management graduate who had a successful stint in the corporate world and now she is still associated with her philanthropy in the social sector; that’s quite rare for an artist brimming with youth and abundance of talent.

It is her passion for art that has brought Paribhasha into the cinema.

What is your vision as an artist?

My vision as an artist is aligned with my vision as a human being – to explore, tap into the hidden areas and aspects of my own personality and realise my highest potential.

Paribhasha Mishra

When did you start believing you want to pursue acting and singing as your career?

I have slight hesitation with the usage of this term ‘career’. I feel the term mostly limits our belief systems, tells us to focus on the medium (money) rather than what we really want to do. As a result, people’s ability to take risk and explore life becomes very limited.

I don’t see it as a career, yes I am and will be earning through it as I’m a part of the same system where we need money to fulfil our needs.

For me, it’s a process of discovering myself! I started dedicating more time towards Art when I moved to Delhi in 2016.

Tell us about your deep rooted connection with dance and music?

This is something that I was born with. I have been very sensitive to music since early childhood, it used to take me to a different world – a world of my own imagination, a world of bliss! Similarly, dancing has been my first love – it helped me express / channelise my emotions. I don’t remember a single year in school when I didn’t perform and there were days when I used to go to the school just because of dance rehearsals, haha!

What is your take on the current state of the industry?

We live in a system where commercialization has a very important role to play – be it any industry / domain. And it has its own pros  and cons – today we have the ability to reach to the masses using all the framework, collective power, money and marketing structures but at the same time if there is no filter, less brain applied, selfish intentions and individual profits involved then it results in deterioration of overall system.

I think there is a need to collaborate then compete to create beautiful and inspiring art.

How did COVID affect your functionality?

I was fortunate enough to have a lot of creative stuff in my life to keep me busy and sane during these challenging times. One, I always wanted good amount of time in isolation to center myself and do diverse creative stuff – so I wasn’t too sad to stay indoors to be honest. Plus, in this digital age, there were many things that could be completed from home. Still a surprising revelation for me was completing a mini web series on a complex topic like Parallel Universe with Director AkashGoila. Never thought something intense and impactful can be shot from home just using a mobile phone. So, basically COVID had a positive and transformational effect on my functionality.

What is your take on life generally?

I believe we are spiritual being having human experiences. We are here to experience, learn and grow.

How will you define yourself in one line if asked?

I am that person with a quest who keeps on moving, keeps on growing with a desire to realise her highest potential.

What kind of a work are you looking for and what do you see in a good association for work?

As I said I’m an explorer so I don’t have a rigid / limited work list but definitely would love to do more meaningful work that can help me explore my artistic aspect. I love to connect with people when I’m working, hence honest / genuine work relationships helps in creating a conducive environment for me to perform better.

Tell us about your upcoming projects.

I am working in a full length indie film Delivered focusing on the biases society has around women, apart from that I am working in a very sweet anthology Lunch Stories, dealing with what happens when strangers have lunch together. I am also focusing on my singing and coming up with few music videos and fusion based original songs of my own very soon.

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