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Adhyayan Suman says he was targeted by people in the industry for being a winner: ‘I was given a lot of trouble’

Adhyayan Suman was recently seen in Aashram.

Actor Adhyayan Suman has said that his name being linked to people he didn’t want to be associated with created certain perceptions in people’s minds. Adhyayan, son of actor Shekhar Suman, was recently seen in a supporting role in the web series Aashram.

In recent years, the actor has been periodically mentioned in the same breath as Kangana Ranaut, whom he accused of drug use and physical assault in a 2016 interview after their relationship went sour.

In an interview to ETimes, Adhyayan said, “I think I’ve spoken a lot about the fact of about my depression and anxiety. And that is obviously correlated to the fact that the work wasn’t happening. There were certain perceptions being created by my name being linked up for so many years to people I didn’t want to be associated with… There’s a lot that happened over these years, which of course, was an amazing journey to learn from.”

He said that he was targeted for being a ‘winner’. He said, “They don’t like the fact that you are a winner. The fact that I was given a lot of trouble, in the beginning of my career is a reason why I was able to get back and prove them wrong. It would be disrespectful to take names from the industry.”

Adhyayan was once again thrust into the limelight earlier this year, when his old comments resurfaced after Kangana made remarks against drug use in the film industry. In a series of tweets in September, Adhyayan had asked to be left alone, and not dragged into the debate.

“My name has sprung up relating to an interview which I had given in 2016 !!!! People stop speculating and dragging me in this toxicity ! I have not filed any case against anybody ! I don’t intend to visit that dark phase of my life ! Please please I have moved on ! Let me be!” he wrote.

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Adhyayan and Kangana were in a relationship from 2008-2009. Speaking about the time in the 2016 interview to DNA, Adhyayan had detailed a pattern of abuse that he’d suffered.

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