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AEW’s Matt Hardy and Private Party Invade Impact Wrestling

AEW's Matt Hardy and Private Party Invade Impact Wrestling

Matt Hardy and Private Party are the latest AEW stars to appear on Impact Wrestling as part of an intercompany crossover. Hardy and Private Party showed up to interrupt a dispute between Impact Tag Team Champions The Good Brothers and the team of Chris Sabin and James Storm, who were in the middle of laying out a challenge to the Good Brothers for the tag belts.

From our full Impact recap which will be out later tonight, here’s how it went down:

Promo: The Good Brothers

The Good Brothers come to the ring. They brag about winning at Hard to Kill. They say they’re gonna hold onto the titles for a long time and do the Too Sweet.

Chris Sabin interrupts. He disagrees on who is going to have the belts for a long time. He says the Machine Guns were never pinned and they want a rematch. Doc Gallows understands, but the problem is Sabin doesn’t have his partner with him. Sabin says Alex Shelley isn’t here, but he does have a partner: it’s James Storm.

Storm comes out, having somehow evaded capture after raiding the Capitol on January 6th. Storm tells the Good Brothers that the 2020 presidential election was rigged and Donald Trump was the real winner. The Good Brothers disagree. They’re about to settle this with a match when… Matt Hardy comes out with Private Party!!!

Hardy (in his new heel manager gimmick) promotes their match against Matt Sydal and Top Flight for Dynamite tomorrow, and he says he figured he could bring Private Party over here for a warm-up match.

Storm is insulted by that. He tells Hardy this is a private conversation and also the Democrats are a secret cabal of satanist pedophiles. Hardy thinks Private Party ought to fight the Good Brothers for the Impact Tag Team Championships. Gallows says the Good Brothers are gonna go get drunk backstage and Private Party can fight Sabin and Storm, with the winners getting a shot at the Impact Tag Team Championships.

Looks like this match will be happening later tonight.

And sure enough, the match is booked for later: Private Party (with Matt Hardy) vs. Chris Sabin and James Storm. You can watch Impact for free on Twitch right now (viewership is up to 7900, a 1400 viewer rise since Hardy and Private Party appeared). Or check back here later for our full report on the results.

Match graphic for Private Party (with Matt Hardy) vs. Chris Sabin and James Storm on Impact Wrestling

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