Home EntertainmentTV Ajaz Khan taken to hospital by NCB officials for drug test | Bollywood Life

Ajaz Khan taken to hospital by NCB officials for drug test | Bollywood Life

Ajaz Khan taken to hospital by NCB officials for drug test | Bollywood Life

Yesterday, the reports of Ajaz Khan nabbed by the NCB officials broke out. The was taken from the Mumbai airport directly. The NCB officials have taken Ajaz for alleged possession of drugs. The arrest happened at Mumbai Airport when he was returning from a shoot in Rajasthan. Today, the actor was spotted outside the NCB office. He was being taken to the hospital where he would soon undergo the drug test. The paparazzi were present when the NCB officials were taking Ajaz Khan to the hospital. In his media statement, Ajaz Khan denied all the allegations and said that he only had four pills that belonged to his wife who had been suffering from depression post her miscarriage. Ajaz Khan looks perplexed yet determined when he was spotted by the photogs in the city. Have a dekko at the pictures here: Also Read – NCB detains former Bigg Boss 7 contestant Ajaz Khan at Mumbai airport in a drugs case

Back in 2018, Ajaz Khan was arrested for possessing prohibited ecstasy drugs. The controversial actor was arrested from a hotel room in Belapur with eight tablets of the prohibited ‘ecstasy’ tablets, which are popular in rave parties. Before that Ajaz Khan was arrested for sending objectionable pictures to a woman. He had allegedly shared pictures of his private parts. He had opened up on the arrest and said that he was not guilty at all. “I am a man and a celebrity.That’s a dead combination. I want to warn all celebrities to be careful whom they connect with on Tinder, Whatsapp, Facebook, Instagram and other social networking sites. There are lots of strugglers out there who want to get famous by piling on and pulling down people more famous them. There are lots of stupid blackmailers out there. The government has given illimitable power to women, and they frequently misuse these powers.You’ve seen how girls out to get some publicity have ruined the careers of people in the entertainment world. Anyway, I did nothing wrong. That’s why I am out on bail. Otherwise the laws of the country favour women. No matter what their allegations and no matter how strong a man’s defence, women are favoured by the law. If I was even remotely guilty I’d be in jail right now,” the actor had told DNA. Also Read – Bigg Boss 7 contestant Ajaz Khan is out on bail after being arrested over ‘objectionable’ Facebook post

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