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Alex Jones Slams QAnon Supporters In New Rant Following Capitol Hill Riots

Alex Jones

Alex Jones isn’t the most popular person in the world these days, especially after he came under fire for claiming that the parents of the Sandy Hook shooting victims were lying about the deaths of their children as part of a conspiracy so the government could take people’s guns away.

As the story goes, Alex Jones supposedly encouraged people – mostly his fans and followers – to harass the families of those who lost their children in the tragic shooting. The scandal led to a massive lawsuit filed against him and a subsequent social shaming.

Alex is in the headlines once again after he allegedly participated in the Capitol Hill riots. However, the InfoWars founder apparently isn’t fond of certain conspiracy theories. Reports say the commentator is now fighting back against the QAnon conspiracies.

According to Hot New Hip Hop, Jones addressed the QAnon believers in the latest episode of the Alex Jones Show, where he trashed the movement and even “broke character” for a second. Jones claimed the Q people have lost it, their predictions are never correct, and he was simply “sick of it.”

In case you aren’t in the know, QAnon is a bizarre conspiracy theory that alleges that Donald Trump has been fighting against an international human trafficking scheme in which young children are sexually molested. Trump supposedly has gone up against deep state elites who are entrenched in the US government and other governments around the world.

As it was noted above, Hot New Hip Hop says Jones recently claimed he was at the Capitol Hill riots where he participated and even led them. He says the White House told him that he should lead the march against the Democrats.

This all comes after a large group of people stormed the Capitol Hill buildings over the last week in the days leading up to Joe Biden’s official inauguration as the president of the United States of America.


The election was controversial this past year as a result of the mail-in ballots, which Trump complained about as potentially fraudulent from the beginning.

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