American Idol 2021 Recap: Hollywood Week Duets Challenge Result


It’s time for the American Idol Hollywood Week Duets Challenge, and this season it’s the judges pairing the remaining contestants up. It’s got a real “live together, die alone” vibe to it. Even if contestants work as a team, one or both might not survive the cut. Hollywood Duets are a real crapshoot from beginning to end! Isn’t that fun? Now it’s time to rehearse.

Liahona Olayan & Laila Mach

Liahona was upset after her brother got eliminated. As per the judges, Laila was more concerned about the Performance and did well but Liahona wasn’t able to perform at that moment. Result – Liahona and Laila both got promoted for the next round.

Cameron Allen & Graham Defranco

The duet performed on “Watermelon Sugar” by Harry Styles. The Harmonies of their voices didn’t play well as Cameron’s voice was very thin while Graham’s voice was very hefty. Result – Cameron got eliminated and Graham got promoted for the next round.

Beane and Kari Ericson

Katy wonders why the two chose “Watermelon Sugar.”  Beane says they wanted something upbeat and fun, and they “landed on a doozy.” According to Judge Katy, they failed to perform the song in the way that it supposed to be. Result– Kari got eliminated and Beane got promoted for the next round.

Right about now, Katy is 100% fed up with “Watermelon Sugar.”

Anthony Guzman and Adriel Carrion

The duet chose the song “Watermelon Sugar” by Harry Styles. Finally, according to judges, the song was performed in an honest way. Result – Anthony and Adriel both got promoted for the next round.

Madison Watkins and Deshawn Goncalves

Madison was paired with Deshawn. Both have nice voices. Their harmonies were nice and they performed with good chemistry. Result – Madison and Deshawn got promoted for the next round.

Claudia Conway and Hannah Everhart

Claudia was paired with Hannah but Hannah was not happy with the pairing me with Claudia. The duet performed on “sign of the Times” by Harry Styles. According to Judge Luke, Hannah was good but according to Judge Katy, she could have done better. Overall duet performance was not satisfactory. Result – Hannah is in the next round and Claudia is eliminated.

Alex Miller and Emisunshine

Alex Miller was paired with Emisunshine. They performed on the song “I Walk the Line”. The duet played the song well. Result – Alex and Emisunshine both got promoted for the next round.

Murphy and Lizzie O’very

The duet performed very well. They got a standing ovation from the judges. Result – Murphy and Lizzie both got promoted for the next round.

Cassandra Coleman and Wyatt Pke

Cassandra had some anxiety problems which she resolved during the Performance, Katy appropriated her. Also, the duet performed well. Result – Cassandra and Wyatt both got promoted for the next round.

Monica Leah and Miguela

The duet performed the song, “Titanium”. The judges were not happy with their performance as it was not satisfactory. Result – Monica and Miguela are eliminated.

Ronda Felton and Funke Lagoke

The duet performed the song “Tell Him”.While judge Lionel was giving his opinion Funke fainted and fell down on the set. She was sent to the hospital. Result – Ronda and Funke are in the next round.

Willie Spence and Kya Monee

Their performance was divine. The duet have win the heart of judges. Result : Willie and Kya are in the next round.

Ben Dobson and Henry Thompson

Ben was paired with Henry. They played the song well.
Result – Ben and Henry are in the next round.

Jazzy Rose and RE’H

The performance of the duet was incredible as said by judge Lionel.
Result – Jazzy and RE’H are in the next round.

Zach D’Onofrio and Sloan Simon

The duet failed to deliver a good performance. They need more practice, according to judges. Result – Zach and Sloan are both eliminated.

Chayce Becham and Christina Daugherty

Their performance was “very believable” and “very unique”.
Result – Christina is eliminated and Chayce is in the next round.

Althea Grace and Camille Lamb

The duet stole the heart of the judges through their performance.
Result – Althea and Camille are in the next round.

Hunter Metts and Ava Agust

The duet performed the song well.
Result – Hunter and Ava are in the next round.

Grace Kinstler and Alyssa Wray

Grace was paired with Alyssa. Both performed powerfully. Finally, this duet impressed all the judges and played the song greatly.
Result – Grace and Alyssa are in the next round.


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