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American Idol 2021 Top 24 Contestants Lists (Showstopper Round)

american idol top 24 contestants

A superhit singing reality show, American Idol 2021 is hosted by Ryan Seacrest while the most talented judges are Lionel Richie, Katy Perry and Luke Bryan.

Now the Showstopper round is over, results are ready. All the top 24 slots are closed. Let’s find out who are those luckiest top 24 contestants. The final judgment of some contestants have done by Lionel Richie from home due to potential exposure to COVID-19 while Katy Perry and Luke Bryan have done final judgment on some contestants. The Results are here :

1) Alyssa Wray :
Alyssa performed “I’m Here” from The Color Purple. Again her performance was very powerful and amazing.
Result – Alyssa is in the top 24.

2) Jason Warrior :
Jason performed the Vocal Gymnastics Version of “Believer”. He has given a stunning performance won the hearts of millions.
Result – Jason is in the top 24.

3) Alex Miller :

Alex performed on the song “Silver Wings “. According to the judges, he is very young, he has a long journey so he has to carve out his personality into his own style.
Result – Alex is eliminated.

4) Andrea Valles :
Andrea performed the song “Blinding Lights”.According to Judge Lionel, instead of choosing the wrong song, she performed very nicely.
Result – Andrea is in the top 24.

5) Chayce Beckham :
Chayce sung “The Heck out of This Chris Stapleton Hit..” He is gritty and real. Judge Katy believes that he can do much better as showstopper round was not his best moment.
Result – chayce is in the top 24.

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6) Caleb Kennedy :
Caleb performed his original song with some Country Twang. According to the judges, his performance was nice.
Result – Caleb is in the top 24.

7) Wyatt Pike :

Wyatt performed on George Ezra’s song. His performance was unique and lovely. He got a standing ovation from the judges. He is growing into an artist of his own style as said by the judges.
Result – Wyatt is in the top 24.

8) Cassandra Coleman :
Cassandra performed a song “Running With The Wolves” by Aurora. Her performance was pure. Judge Katy pointed out her lack of confidence and dancing moves in a very positive way.
Result – Cassandra is in the top 24.

9) Amanda Mena :
Amanda sang “All By Myself ” by Celine Dion. Her performance was not satisfactory. She wants to know that what kind of an artist she is before moving forward.
Result – Amanda is eliminated.

10) Bean :
Bean performed “What’s Going On ” by Marvin Gaye. Bean fulfilled all the expectations of the judges through his singing.
Result – Bean is in the top 24.

11) Hannah Everhart :
Hannah performed “Wrecking Ball” by Miley Cyrus. The performance was full of the band.
Result – Hannah is in the top 24.

12) Graham Defranco :
Graham performed the song “Beautiful War” by kings of Leon. Judges tried to give him a key point that he has to believe on himself for the further success of future.
Result – Graham is in the top 24.

13) Murphy :
Murphy performed on the song “What you’ve shown us is so beautiful.” He couldn’t deliver the song as the judges expected. He has to work hard.
Result – Murphy is eliminated. (Murphy got bad news on his birthday)

14) Alanis Sophia :
Alanis performed on “uninvited” by Alanis Morissette. Her performance was great and beautiful.
Result – Alanis is in the top 24.

15) Casey Bishop :
Casey sang “She Talks To Angels” by The Black Crowes”. Overall her performance was good.
Result – Casey is in the top 24.

16) Willie Spence :
Willie performed a Beyonce song, “I Was Here”. His performance was so powerful. He got standing ovation by the judges.
Result – Willie is in the top 24.

17) Emisunshine :
Emisunshine performed the song “Piece of My Heart” by Janis Joplin. Her performance was not satisfactory.
Result – Emisunshine is eliminated.

18) Lizzy O’very :
Lizzy performed “Sign of the Times” by Harry Styles. She wasn’t able to deliver the song up to the mark.
Result – Lizzy is eliminated.

19) Caroline Lamb :
Caroline performed “Feel Like Makin Love ” by Bad company. She had made the wrong choice of song. Her performance was not well.
Result – Caroline is eliminated.

20) Mary Jo Young :
Mary delivered the song “Believes in something”. Judge Luke noticed that she lacked in the performances, so she has to work on it but also added that she has some magic.
Result – Mary is in the top 24.

21) Hunter Metts :
Hunter performed Noah Cyrus “July “. The performances was fabulous. He sounds like no one else as said by the judge Luke.
Result – Hunter is in the top 24.

22) Althea Grace :
Althea sang “We Can Work It Out “. She had made the wrong choice of the song, according to judge Katy.
Result – Althea is eliminated.

23) Ronda Felton :
Ronda performed “All in Love is Fair” by Steive Wonder. She needs more practice.
Result – Ronda is eliminated.

24) Funke :
Funke performed on “Orange colored Sky” by Natalie Cole. She got stitches on her chin, because of the incident that happened in the last Hollywood Duet round with her.
Result – Funke is eliminated.

25) Grace Kinstler :
Grace performed “Father” by Demy Lovato. The song was dedicated to her father. She got standing ovation by the judges.
Result – Grace is in the top 24.

26) Deshawn Goncalves :
Deshawn performed on the song “Over The Rainbow “. His performance was lovely.
Result – Deshawn is in the top 24.

27) Colin Jamieson :
Colin sang “Sugar, We’re Goin Down ” by Fall Out Boy. He has taken a big risk of choosing a song but still his performance was fabulous as per the judges’ opinion.
Result – Colin is in the top 24.

28) Laila Mach :
Laila performed the song “If I Ain’t Got You “.The Performance did not meet the judges’ expectations.
Result – Laila is eliminated.

29) Ava August :
Ava performed “Ghost of You “.
The Performance was OK. Katy observed, she has a special quality.
Result – Ava is in the top 24.

30) Nia Renee :

Nia sang Sam Cooke’s “A Change Is Gonna Come. ” She couldn’t deliver the song as per expectations. Lionel thinks she has to work more.
Result – Nia is eliminated.

31) Liahona Olayan :
Liahona performed “Me Too “. She performed with a stunning attitude. The judges were happy as she succeeded to flip a switch in her mind, the door opened for her.
Result: Liahona is in the top 24.

32) Madison Watkins :
Madison performed on “Man’s World .” She did a great job, said by judge Lionel.
Result – Madison is in the top 24.

33) Alana Sherman :
Alana performed the song “Bust Your Windows “. With not any suggestions, no worries about her performance, judges announced the result so quickly.
Result – Alana is in the top 24.

34) Anilee List :

Anilee sung Rufus and Chaka Khan’s “Ain’t Nobody. ” she has been given Benson Boone’s place when he dropped out after making the top 24.
Result – Anilee is in the top 24.

35) Cecil Ray :
Cecil performed on “Beyond ” by Leon Bridges. His performance was nice. He got standing ovation by the judges.
Result – Cecil is in the top 24.

36) Drake McCain :
Drake performed on Luke Bryan’s song “country Girl (shake It For Me). His performance was enjoyable.
Result – Drake is eliminated.

Top 24 Contestants Lists

Sr. No. Contestant NameStatus
1Alyssa WrayTop 24
2Jason WarriorTop 24
3 Alex MillerEliminated
4Andrea VallesTop 24
5Chayce BeckhamTop 24
6Caleb Kennedy Top 24
7 Wyatt PikeTop 24
8Cassandra ColemanTop 24
9Amanda MenaEliminated
10BeanTop 24
11Hannah EverhartTop 24
12Graham DefrancoTop 24
14Alanis SophiaTop 24
15Casey BishopTop 24
16Willie SpenceTop 24
18Lizzy O'very Eliminated
19Caroline LambEliminated
20Mary Jo YoungTop 24
21Hunter MettsTop 24
22Althea GraceEliminated
23Ronda Felton Eliminated
25Grace Kinstler Top 24
26Deshawn GoncalvesTop 24
27Colin JamiesonTop 24
28Laila MachEliminated
29Ava AugustTop 24
30Nia ReneeEliminated
31Liahona OlayanTop 24
32Madison WatkinsTop 24
33Alana ShermanTop 24
34Anilee List Top 24
35Cecil RayTop 24
36Drake McCainEliminated

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