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Angad Bedi: The audience feels hurt but I am sure our industry will won their vote of confidence

Actor Angad Bedi currently stars in web series Mumbhai

The past few months have been particularly difficult for the film industry with mud slinging and controversies raging but actor Angad Bedi does not want to delve much into it.

“Cricket and cinema are the two religions of our country and even cricket was bad mouthed with match fixing and it involved players and it did break the audience’s heart, the audience which used to watch for the love of the game. But it found its way, it got its conscience back, new players came in and they brought in lot of stability. Today cricket is back on its feet and nobody is pointing any fingers anymore,” shares Bedi.

The actor feels what happened may have been for the better. However, he admits that the negativity and the bad narratives did affect him too.  

“Sometimes you have to go through the grind and win people’s confidence again. I feel that Akshay Kumar sir’s video said it all. Of course, there are some bad eggs but that is the case everywhere. That does not mean that our industry is bad. Just because some people are behaving not in a good manner does not mean that everybody should suffer. I feel that you have to look at it in that light because 99 percent working hard and 1 percent not holding up but that does not mean that you have to hold that 99 percent accountable for that,” Bedi points out.

But the actor believes that just like all the hard times that the film industry has gone through, this too shall pass.

“I think we will back and we will come back in a very strong manner because our country has had hero worship for many, many years. We are very emotional people. Right now the audience feels hurt and dejected but I am sure that our industry will won their vote of confidence. We will churn out very good work. And people will come back and enjoy watching cinema. Sometimes times are tough, tide is high, we just have to wait it out and bounce back,” he concludes.

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