Rupali Ganguly has been detected with Covid 19. She connected with me after the tests showed her to be positive. I joked about the bin bulaye mehmaan at her doorstep and she laughed, “Wohi to dekhiye na, Subhashji. Mujhe kahan se ho gaya mujhe samajh mein nahin aa raha hai (I don’t know where I got it from. But it doesn’t matter. I will fight this, like I’ve fought all my battles in life. Hopefully I’ll be back shooting for Anupama sooner than expected.”

Anupama’s Rupali Ganguly opens up after testing Covid positive

How is she feeling? “Well, as of now I feel no symptoms. I hope I don’t feel any symptoms ahead also. But the doctors have given me so many medicines. I am not feeling ill with Covid. But I think I am going to fall ill because of those medicines. Mujhe dawaiyan khaane ki aadat nahin hai (I am not used to taking medicines).”

Rupali has a young son, whose health and safety she is worried about. “I got my son’s Covid test done this morning. Reports are awaited. I also got my husband and the entire staff in my house tested. Hopefully they will be all clear.”

Rupali has isolated herself away from her family. “I have quarantined myself in our cottage in Araam Nagar. So I am not with my family. I am all alone. I am absolutely away from civilization, with just my dogs for company. My only stress is that my family should not be tested positive. Everything else is fine.”

In the meanwhile the shooting of Anupama continues without Rupali. Which is a bit like Agra without the Taj Mahal.


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