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Anupria Goenka: Rejections aren’t a reflection of your capabilities

Actor Anupria Goenka’s is known for her Bollywood projects such as Tiger Zinda Hai, Padmaavat and War.

Amid the debates around the industry being biased towards insiders, which leads to lesser opportunities and more disappointments for outsiders, Anupria Goenka says rejections are a part and parcel of showbiz. She explains that an actor doesn’t crack every audition and it’s important to accept ‘no’, much like being happy for projects one bags.

“Sometimes you’re accepted for a project and sometimes you don’t make it even though you might be great at your work, because the requirements might be different. You get some and lose some, but you can’t take everything personally. Rejections aren’t a reflection of your capabilities,” adds the actor known for films Padmaavat (2018), War (2019) and web projects Sacred Games and Criminal Justice.


Goenka says taking rejections to his or her own stride and concentrating on honing one’s craft is the way forward.

“Working on your craft is the best way to motivate yourself. Things like meditation, writing, painting and singing are just not helpful to one as a performer, but also help in navigating through difficult times, long waiting periods, minimising negativity and in keeping yourself upbeat. Keeping the doors of communication open with those you trust is necessary. Above all, understanding the process and respecting it is essential,” she adds.

Now more than ever, according to the actor, there are far more opportunities available. Especially with the “web space opening up, things have become liberal and democratic”.

She continues, “Even films are becoming content driven and both mediums need strong talented performers. I think if you really want to make it a level playing field and to see more good and interesting content, the onus lies more with the public at large to support films having good content and great performances.”

She opines that as those deserving are getting opportunities, the fact whether “they are insiders or outsiders is irrelevant”.

Apart from nepotism, casting couch is another thing that is being said rampant in the industry too. Goenka, however, denies being propositioned.

“There are people who’ve ill intentions but such people are there in every other industry. It’s about how you conduct yourself. When you believe in your talent, passion and craft, you’ll be on a journey of meeting and collaborating with like-minded people. It might take longer, but you’ll get recognition,” she adds.

She is heartbroken with the negative image being painted of the industry.

“So many artists and technicians come together to make something for the entertainment of people. Months and years of hard work, sweat, dreams, sacrifices go into making a few hours of entertainment. The industry provides a platform to grow and livelihood to so many from all walks of life. It comes forward to help whenever our nation is in crisis. I feel extremely sad that all that’s forgotten and the industry is being targeted and maligned like this,” she ends.

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