Ariana Grande: The Voice’s Producers Are Excited For Her Season As A Judge – Here’s Why They Think It’s Going To Be ‘Groundbreaking!’

Ariana Grande: The Voice’s Producers Are Excited For Her Season As A Judge - Here's Why They Think It's Going To Be 'Groundbreaking!'

As you might have heard, Ariana Grande will be replacing Nick Jonas as a judge on The Voice in season 21 and new reports claim to know that the singing competition’s team is already super ‘excited’ and ‘ecstatic’ to have her. In fact, they reportedly feel like her addition is simply ‘groundbreaking’ and here’s why!

Ariana took to her IG account to share the exciting news on March 30.

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The singer posted a pic of herself on the set of The Voice and it turns out that her millions of followers are not the only ones super happy to see her on TV.

Producers on the show can’t wait for Ari to join their team either!

After all, there is no doubt that she will be a massive success!

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One insider told HollywoodLife that ‘The team from The Voice are beyond excited to have Ariana join the show next season. They can’t wait to have her perform and coach because when it comes to the show, they want the best talent they can get, and Ariana is without question a superstar. Producers are especially ecstatic to see what Kelly [Clarkson] and Ariana do during the season when they will likely have many times to perform together.’

They added that ‘Everyone is expecting quite a few memorable moments as the show is always looking to reinvigorate itself and move forward and be on the pulse of current music. And when it comes to Nick, they love Nick and understand he has to work on music, hopeful touring, and some acting projects he is getting off the ground. The show is a well-oiled machine right now that everyone will be back including Nick. They just love mixing it up from season to season to keep it fresh. Everyone is beyond excited to say the least though for what Ariana has to offer. It is going to be in a word groundbreaking.’

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