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Armie Hammer Responds to Cannibalism Allegations – Crossover 99

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After the cannibalism allegations addressed to Armie Hammer, the actor has decided to respond and move away from the film Shotgun Wedding.

These were shocking days for the web population and for fans of Armie Hammer, who was suddenly accused of cannibalism. In support of these important allegations, there are alleged Instagram chats that the actor started with girls, in which he referred to his particularly graphic fantasies. A few days later, Armie Hammer finally responded, with an exclusive declaration for Deadline.

The actor wanted to have his say about the disturbing criticisms received and did so after moving away from a film project. Indeed, after the allegations, Armie Hammer gave up her role in the Lionsgate film Shotgun Wedding, starring Jennifer Lopez.

After these alleged messages from Armie Hammer, the star seems to have chosen to spontaneously move away from the project. According to the statements of a spokesperson, as filming was about to begin, the actor decided not to participate anymore. At this point, it’s unclear whether Lionsgate kindly asked Armie Hammer to stop taking part in the film, given the recent cannibalism allegations by several girls, or whether it was the actor’s choice.

In the last few hours, the ex-wife Elizabeth Chambers has also expressed herself on the matter, saying she is shocked to discover such a disturbing aspect of the ex-husband. The woman sided with the girls who made the accusations, explaining that the marriage ended due to acts of infidelity on the part of the actor. However, Chambers was unaware of Armie Hammer’s alleged disturbing fantasies.

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