Home Entertainment ‘Arnab Goswami is coward’: Offended Salman Khan followers vogue #ArnabDarpokHai after Republic TV deletes embarrassing pollon its founder days after yelling at Bigg Boss host

‘Arnab Goswami is coward’: Offended Salman Khan followers vogue #ArnabDarpokHai after Republic TV deletes embarrassing pollon its founder days after yelling at Bigg Boss host

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Offended Salman Khan followers comprise taken to Twitter to avenge the insult meted out to their conceal idol by Arnab Goswami after a video of the Republic TV founder at the Bigg Boss host went viral. Salman Khan followers trended hashtag #ArnabDarpokHai on the microblogging living rapidly after Republic TV was as soon as forced to delete a pollon Arnab Goswami since the discontinuance consequence heaped embarrassment on Arnab Goswami.

This was as soon as after Maharashtra Assembly accused Goswami of breach of privilege and reportedly sent him a 60-web page glimpse. Closing week, the controversial anchor had trended for several days after journalists comprise been hasty to philosophize him a ‘hypocrite’ as an vulnerable interview of Goswami praising Salman surfaced.
Reacting to the breach of privilege glimpse, Goswami mentioned, “The Maharashtra meeting has sent me a 60 web page letter asking me why I’m questioning the Chief Minister, and unsafe me with jail and breach of privilege. I truly comprise made up our minds to combat this. I will proceed to place a matter to Uddhav Thackeray and elected representatives and I will proceed to combat them. I will combat them in the Court docket, however will never give in to such undemocratic practices. The Structure is no longer a gift given to somebody, it is the correct of every and each citizen. I will proceed to uphold that correct, effect a effect a matter to to my questions and advise the correct to picture.”
Alternatively, Salman Khan followers former the bogus to philosophize Goswami a darpok (coward) as they trended #ArnabDarpokHai. This was as soon as on yarn of a pollby Republic TV left Goswami red-faced forcing his TV channel to delete the pollfrom Twitter.
In its ballot, Republic Bharat, the Hindi channel of Republic Media Community, had requested, “The Maharashtra authorities desires to stop Arnab Goswami from asking questions. Are you with Arnab Goswami in pursuit of the true fact?” Loads of lakh Twitter customers took segment in the pollwith 51% refusing to enhance Goswami. This triggered Republic Bharat to delete the ballot.

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As anticipated, Salman Khan followers made up our minds to salvage potshots at Goswami by declaring him coward.

#ArnabDarpokHai #ArnabGoswamikah polldeleted ker dya 😂@republic @Republic_Bharat pic.twitter.com/WXY9qIzzHo

— Mohammad Anwar (@Mufti_Anuwar) September 18, 2020

@republic deletes the ballot.
Le: Varied Media Channels 😂#ArnabDarpokHai pic.twitter.com/OIeLLBtsLA
— Shabaz Khan INC (@randomtaging) September 18, 2020

Rahul mentioned earlier, Congressies are proper Babbar Sher & RSS wala darpok log he & when we originate hunting…they’ll toddle.
Arnab correct instructed Rahul by deleting the win ballot. He can finest bark from his studio cage however never has the guts to face proper of us.#ArnabDarpokHai pic.twitter.com/W8U2dke7ja
— 𝐗 𝐀 𝐕 𝐈 𝐄 𝐑 (@anjilikkan) September 18, 2020

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Puchta hai Bharat, Poll Delete Kyu kiya Arnab?
Arnab Goswami who former to name each person Coward
Satirically deleted a Poll which was as soon as going in opposition to him.
Now the Nation is conscious of who is the correct coward#ArnabDarpokHai pic.twitter.com/33Gk8HLX3t
— Md Mahfooz Alam🇮🇳 (@alammdmahfooz2) September 18, 2020

Why are u insecure of results of your dangle ballot? It’s some distance like being insecure of your dangle shadow. #क्यूं_डरता_है_अरनब#ArnabDarpokHai @SaralPatel pic.twitter.com/O4nYfe80L4
— Srimaan Ramachandra Raja (@srimaanofficial) Septemb
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