Astolfo Trending Twitter Picture With CC Lemon & Monster Drink

Astolfo Trending Twitter Picture

Cosplays are famous throughout the world. However, Twitter was sent into a frenzy after a cosplayer decided to do something different. The picture with the C.C.Lemon bottle and Monster Energy drink has gone viral. Astolfo Trending Twitter Picture with CC Lemon and monster energy drink trending on Twitter.

People were curious about Astolfo cosplay when it started trending on Twitter. It was only a matter of seconds that people found out what the buzz was about. Astolfo, a character from the novel series and anime Fate/Apocrypha, has been one of the most loved characters.

It has managed to gain a lot of popularity over time with several cosplayers trying to ace the look. However, a recent Astolfo cosplayer brought a new meaning to it by using Monster Energy and C.C. Lemon as props.

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