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Atlanta Braves fail to read their own room, or logo, or name, or…

Atlanta Braves fail to read their own room, or logo, or name, or...

A team... with a racist name... is proud to stand for racial equality?

A team… with a racist name… is proud to stand for racial equality?
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Twitter is a lot of bad things, mostly bad things, but every so often its capacity to astound and encapsulate an entire time period in a matter of seconds is truly stupefying. Even if that encapsulation is most of the things at once.

Have you ever stood and stared at it? Marveled at its…well, it. Like, they even put their logo on it.

You almost wonder if it’s on purpose. The layers at work here … It’s a vision. A vision spouted from the hellmouth of our times, slithering to consume the light. But a vision nonetheless.

Before we even get to the Braves with their logo and name trying to claim total support for anti-racism and equality, I’ll start elsewhere just for funsies and point out that this is a team that moved from downtown Atlanta where they were accessible to everyone – by whatever standards “accessible” means in Atlanta’s traffic and sprawl, which I’ve been lead to believe is somewhere around “Seussian maze” – out to Cobb County, a place specifically designed to not be reachable by public transportation, i.e. keep the city-dwellers out, i.e. keep the Black people away. This was once Cobb’s raison d’etre. It is a mecca to white flight. This is the Braves’ homebase, as it were, and they want to be in on the push for equality?

Then there’s just the small matter of boasting about everyone getting a living wage. What is it you paid your minor leaguers again, Barves? I believe it was something like 50 Fishheads per week? Around there? And how did this help people earn a living wage? Or is that a different Atlanta Braves? I’ll hang up and listen for my answer.

And of course, there’s the name and logo. You can’t claim to be on the right side of the fight when you have had, and will have again, a stadium full of people cartoonishly chopping that makes a mockery of an entire race that you’ve shown no inclination to stop or even halt in any way. If you were truly fighting for equality and understanding, the name would have been changed years ago along with a full explanation of why it was being changed posted at the main gate so that future generations could learn a lesson, possibly. Your fucking tomahawk is on the statement! How do you shit on your own PR statement while making it simultaneously? I guess it’s a cousin of circular breathing.

The Braves had an out on all of this, which would be to name the team after Henry Aaron. The Hammers. It’s so clean and simple. The logo would barely need a tweaking. It’s right there. But when you’re the kind of organization that can release this noxious gas into the atmosphere, perhaps that kind of thinking is beyond you.

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