Avatar overtakes Marvel’s Avengers Endgame: ‘Passing the gauntlet back to you James Cameron,’ say Russo Brothers

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James Cameron’s Avatar, thanks to its rerelease in China, is now bigger than Avengers: Endgame in terms of global box office gross. As per Deadline, the science-fiction epic’s current total now stands at 2.802 billion dollars, thus surpassing Endgame’s 2.797 billion dollars.

Interestingly, Zoe Saldana was part of both films and played alien characters in both. In Endgame, she played the role of Gamora, and in Avatar she was the female lead and played a Na’vi princess Neytiri.

The official Marvel Studios account, MCU directors Russo Brothers and James Gunn, congratulated Cameron for the feat. Of course, this is Disney congratulating Disney, as it owns both the properties. Disney got the possession of the Avatar franchise after its recent acquisition of 21st Century Fox, now called Fox Corporation.

“Passing the gauntlet back to you… @JimCameron,” wrote Joe and Anthony Russo on Twitter while sharing art by Boss Logic.

Gunn, known for the Guardians of the Galaxy franchise, tweeted, “Well it was fun while it lasted, but I am no longer an Executive Producer of the biggest grossing film of all time. Congrats to James Cameron & the #Avatar team! (And of course @zoesaldana, who is in kind of a no lose situation here).”

Avatar released in 2009 to rapturous reception from both critics and audiences. The film quickly became the highest grossing movie ever made, further establishing Cameron as the most bankable director in Hollywood, at least in terms of monetary returns. His romance-disaster epic Titanic had also broken several box office records, as did his Terminator movies earlier.

Endgame, which came out in 2019, had the Avengers, or what was left of them, banding together to obliterate the threat of Thanos for the final time as well as bringing back their dead comrades.

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