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Better be an outstanding particular person reasonably than being a accepted one: KBC 5 winner Sushil Kumar opens up on turning into crorepati, struggling with alcohol dependancy

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Recent Delhi: Sushil Kumar, the first Rs 5 crore winner of the widespread fact show ‘Kaun Banega Crorepati’, on Saturday (September 12, 2020) expressed that it’s better to be an outstanding particular person reasonably than being a accepted one.
Sushil, who hails from Bihar and took home over Rs 3.6 crores in 2011 said that the 2015-16 period used to be the most no longer easy time and that he had no belief about what to enact in his life.  
“Due to being a native celeb, I feeble to inspire functions all the method in which by method of Bihar for 10-15 days in a month, and these saved me some distance from stories,” said Sushil in an extended motivational post on his Fb sage. 
Sushil additionally penned down that he used to be very vital about the media at that time and at any time when the media folks feeble to put a matter to him about his profession, he feeble to expose them that he is doing business in impart to permit them to know that he is no longer ‘unnecessary’. 
He said that these corporations at closing feeble to fail after a pair of days.

केबीसी जितने के बाद का मेरे जीवन का सबसे बुरा समय ——————————————————— 2015-2016…
Posted by Mantu Kumar Sushil on Saturday, 12 September 2020

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“After KBC, I feeble to donate plenty which used to be largely undisclosed donations and spherical Rs 50 thousand used to be spent in a month in such donations,” said Sushil.
“Due to this, few artful folks began connecting with me and I was additionally cheated hundreds of time, that I realised after a truly long time.”
Sushil additionally spread out on his deteriorating relationship alongside with his accomplice and his time in Delhi with media students of Jamia Millia Islamia, Indian Institute of Mass Verbal change (IIMC) and researchers from the Jawaharlal Nehru University (JNU).
Sushil said that his accomplice usually feeble to narrate that you just enact no longer leer the acceptable and defective folks and that you just enact no longer distress about the long flee. 
“After listening to all these objects, I feeble to think that she is no longer able to know me, and then there feeble to be hundreds of fights between us,” said Sushil in a post that has so some distance been liked by extra than 1k folks and has been shared by 60 Fb users.a
Sushil expressed that there had been additionally some magnificent issues going down at the identical time as within the nationwide capital, he had began a cab business with a friend, attributable to which he had to chat about with Delhi practically every month for a pair of days. 
“I was equipped to some media students in Jamia Millia. Then I was equipped to students of IIMC, then their seniors, then the students doing research at JNU, and some theatre artists and heaps others. When these folks feeble to chat a pair of topic, it seemed take care of that “I’m a frog within the effectively” who knows nothing about so many issues,” wrote Sushil.
He additionally said that with these objects, he additionally purchased addicted to smoking and drinking.
“At any time after I feeble to take a seat down with these folks, alcohol and cigarettes had been regularly there.”
“At one time, if I stayed for seven days, then it might maybe perhaps presumably maybe presumably had been assorted sittings with seven such groups for seven days,” said Sushil.
Sushil additionally talked about how he cherished cinema and the method in which he had left his home to resolve in Mumbai to become a movie director.
“I watched hundreds of cinema, noticed practically every Nationwide Award-winning motion photos, Oscar-winning motion photos, Ritwik Ghatak and Satyajit Ray’s motion photos and had a dream of turning into a movie director,” said Sushil.
“When I spoke to a producer friend, he asked me about some technical issues connected to the movie, which I could maybe presumably maybe also no longer expose, then he instructed me to work with a TV serial for a pair of days and later he will win me placed with a movie director.”
“Then I worked with a mountainous production home and acquired an alternative choice to know the tale, screenplay, dialogue copy, props costume, however after some time, my mind began getting pressured out,” said Sushil.
He said that he had reach to Mumbai and had dreamt of turning into a movie director however left the dream and stayed in a friend’s room where he spent all day searching at motion photos and studying books that he purchased from the Delhi Book Stunning for six months.
“I feeble to enact a cigarette packet in a day.”
“Dwelling alone all day and studying and writing gave me an alternative choice to seek internal myself and realise that I did no longer reach to Mumbai to become a director, as an alternative I’m someone who’s working some distance from the fact,” said Sushil adding that the real happiness is doing what one needs and that the pride can never be pacified.
“Happiness is hidden in cramped-cramped issues,” said Sushil.
Sushil said that he
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