Home News Big news! Railways may start all trains from this date, check latest update here

Big news! Railways may start all trains from this date, check latest update here


New Delhi: Indian Railways has come up with is very good news for passengers. According to the exclusive information received by Zee News, Indian Railways may start operating all trains from April 1, 2021. Railways have also completed preparations for this.

Will all trains run on track from April 1?

In wake of the Holi festival, which is falling on March 29, there is a huge demand for trains. To ensure that passengers do not have to fight for trains, Railways can start all trains from April 1. This will include all types of trains including general, Shatabdi and Rajdhani trains. Sources cited by Zee News have claimed that in view of the coronavirus situation, the Railways can allow all trains to run.

Only 65% ​​trains are running right now

Presently, in view of the pandemic, Railways is running 65 percent passenger trains only. This includes both mail and express trains. Almost all suburban or metro trains have also come back on track. In Mumbai, services of 95% local trains have been restored from Friday, January 29. Although the number of trains is increasing, ordinary people may have to wait a little longer for the journey.

At present, 704 local trains are running on the Western Railway route in Mumbai, through which, 3.95 lakh passengers are traveling. At the same time, 706 local trains are being run on the Central Railway route, in which about 4.57 lakh people are traveling.

Only COVID-19 special trains running

As of now, the trains that are running are COVID-19 special trains, whose fare is also high. If everything goes well and preparations are made, then operations of all other local passenger trains can be started soon. People will be able visit their hometowns for the festival and will also have to pay less.

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