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Bigg Boss 14 4th Episode Written Update – Bigg Boss Tv Show

Bigg Boss 14 4th Episode Written Update - Bigg Boss Tv Show



So, these days start as casual where Ejaz saying he needs a helper but not for 2nd time as he has to wash pots two times. Gohar Khan explains to him everyone is doing 2 duties at this time in House. Moreover, Rahul is having a chit chat with everyone about their age. Gohar Khan announced as per Ejaz’s request everyone has to wash their Cup Plate and Glass by them as there is too much load on Ejaz.


But still, everyone trying to change thier sift of working or switching with anyone else. Later one there is a discussion between Toofani seniors what they are doing and what are their actual cause of being here.


There is a special announcement from Bigg Boss that from now owns words everyone is now going to be out of Bigg Boss House only those contestants will survive who full fill their tasks efficiently till this Saturday. By completing the assigned task, that contestant will move forward in To Be Confirmed so they are secure. Now by these tasks, they have opportunities to secure yourself. Then they call Pavitra to the confession room. She brings the Bigg Boss written message.


As per Bigg Boss message Gohar Khan and Hina Khan are two princes who are looking forward to their lover till now they don’t find yet. So, they are now finding their loved ones from fresher’s boys but it is not an easy task to wins their hearts. Both princes are going to sitting in the garden area where they may grant gold and jewellery to any boy to whom they are like will give this jewellery as a reward but few thieves having an eye on the treasure of princes who may thief this.


And all the fresher girls are going to perform as thieve, Sidharth is going to their leader in this activity. At a time, there are only two girls who may theft jewellery. As much fresher girl stolen the jewellery she has more chances to secure their position in Bigg Boss.


Moreover, there is no limitation for Princes to stay throughout the time in their garden place. So fresher boys may be taking care of their princes’ treasure in their absence. And who so ever boy wins the Prince hearts he is safe for the future and reaching another stage of TBC by winning the princess’ heart and wins more jewellery. So, in the evening time, this task starts. Sidharth makes strategies how they will thief more Jewellery of princes with freshers’ girls.


The amazing thing is in the start all girl’s thief the whole jeweller but Bigg Boss announced girls will theft when princes enter in their places. Toofani seniors having arguments about task rules and having conflicts but the game started. At the start, it was an amazing conversation between seniors and freshers. Girls are leading in the task by theft jewellery very first-time seniors have conflicts about task rules and implementation especially Gohar Khan and Sidharth.

The task is ended within half hour so it was not as plan properly how it should be performed. Both parties’ girls and boys make strategies on how they could make strong their positions. While boys trying to save at least one boy to secure themselves but girls trying to get more jewellery from boys who already win this.


At 8 O Clock Bigg Boss announce to show every contestant how much jewelry they have and count it.In Boys freshers Abhinav having 18 items so he considered being the winner of this task between fresher boys and he illuminates from nomination section.

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