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Bigg Boss 14 Day 3 Written Update – Bigg Boss Tv Show

Bigg Boss 14 Day 3 Written Update

Bigg Boss 14 Day 3 Written Update


So, the exciting new 3rd episode starts with casual chit chat and the contestant’s preparation for the day as some of them are doing exercise and gym. Gohar came to Gym and she was using the gym without her permission. It’s compulsory for all the contestants that they have to get permission from hina khan. She has the authority to allow them to gym or not. So later on, Hina khan came in action and stop those persons who violate this law.

Basically, this episode is especially for rejected contestants to remove their tag of rejection. So, all the rejected persons have to fulfill tasks which are given by three toofani Seniors Gohar Khan Hina Khan and Sidharth, but keep in mind these tasks are not the easy one. Furthermore, they have to do those tasks for the next whole week.

Sara having arguments with Sidharth and saying him Jija and trying to admit him too. Later on, there is lunchtime everyone having food as equality level. And it will continue till 2: 30 PM. Pavitra got angry and someone says her care about others also but she is saying I don’t like it if someone interrupting her while having food. Then Gohar jumps in and cool her down and clear everything, finally, they hug each other and everything sort out.




So, at 12:00 Clock there is a written message from Bigg Boss for those contestants who are rejected to get a chance to enter in BB House. But seniors have the right to approve them and rejected candidates have to fulfill tasks which toofani seniors will say them. Hence, Sidharth gives the option to Robina she will enter the house only when she accepts throughout the week, she will not anything from her luggage not even clothes. She has to wear the same clothes for the whole week. Sidharth and Hina Khan having conversations who will do any thing to enter in the house. Nishat’s task is to wear a Bikini for one year on his T-shirt. And the amazing thing is he accept it. Moreover, for Sara she has to cut her hair till shoulder length. She also accepts the challenge. Abhinave has to carry 5 Kg weight for one minute in one hand and he did it very perfectly.




In phase two Rubeena has to eat green chilies till one minute and 40 Seconds without stopping but she failed to fulfill this task. For Sara she has to carry 2 Kg weight till one minute but she also not able to fulfill. For Nishant he has to write rejected on his forehead and said every senior every time I was rejected till one next week and he agreed for this as well. Jaan Gohar gives her task to trim his hairs half one side and on the spot, his hairs removed by trimmer and he looks too hot with this new look.




At 6:00 O Clock, there is a message from Bigg Boss that decision will be taken by the rejected participants who are person lives outside of BB House and remaining three will be able to live like accepted freshers. This decision will be taken by all four rejected contestants mutually. So as per their decision Rubena does not perform very well except her all the other three will enter Bigg Boss house as fresher candidates and she has to live in the garden area till Bigg Boss’ new announcement for her.

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