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Bigg Boss 14 Voting Trends 26th January 2021: Nikki Tamboli’s Behaviour Issues to lead to her Elimination? – TheNewsCrunch

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Nikki Tamboli voting results

Bigg Boss 14 is inching towards its finale. The show has been in the news since its conception for a number of reasons. The rollercoaster journey has been quite the highlight but the pickup since the challengers stepped into the house gave the show a fresh beginning which was much needed.Over the last few weeks, Bigg Boss has witnessed a number of incoming and outgoing contestants. The latest contestant to be eliminated was Sonali Phogat.

Bigg Boss 14 Eviction Week 16 Voting Trends and Analysis for 26th January 2021

Bigg Boss has seen a number of love stories and friendships, some have lasted while others fallen apart so wide that they could not resurrect. This season although has seen a rather weird relationship between Rakhi Sawant and Abhinav Shukla. While all know Abhinav is in the house along with his wife Rubina, it seems as though he has caught Rakhi’s eye. She has been going to great lengths to please him and has crossed all limits with her latest act. Rakhi decided to paint her body with love messages for Abhinav. This of course was not appreciated by Abhinav’s wife and she warned her husband not to encourage such vile behaviour. Rakhi on the other hand enforces that no-one can take Abhinav away from her.

Bigg Boss 14 Voting Results Week 17 Eviction – 26th January 2021

  1. Rahul Vaidya
  2. Devoleena Bhattacharjee
  3. Vikas Gupta
  4. Nikki Tamboli

Bigg Boss 14 Elimination Nominations List Week 17

  • Nikki Tamboli
  • Rahul Vaidya
  • Devoleena Bhattacharjee
  • Vikas Gupta

Which Contestants Are Safe This Week in Bigg Boss 14 Elimination This Week?

Rahul Vaidya is the highest on the voting trends currently. This trend will most likely continue this week as he is the most popular contestant among those nominated this week. Rahul is a strong player and his immense popularity speaks for it. Rahul has been playing well and provides the dose of entertainment required to keep him in the show. Last weekend, he was targeted by both the media as well as the audience and was asking gripping questions which he answered with such ease. He has been made the villain in a number of episodes in relation to Rubina but he manages to take a stand for himself.

Which Contestants Are in Danger this Week in Bigg Boss 14 Elimination This Week?

Nikki Tamboli is the lowest on the voting trend. This does not come as a surprise as she has been exhibiting ridiculous behaviour time and again. Nikki has dropped the standard of the show with her mouth and actions. Nikki has no sense of loyalty and goes wherever she feels she will be seen. This is clearly see by the audience how she uses and throws people. She considers her actions as entertainment but they are downright cheap. Her misbehaviour towards other contestants and the disrespect she shows towards all. Her loud, arrogant and rude behaviour could be seen even with the media who she clearly disrespected. Nikki will be seen leaving the house this week if the audience have their say.

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