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Bigg Boss 14 Written Update 4th February 2021: Arshi- Devoleena Fight, Devoleena Has a Panic Attack! – TheNewsCrunch

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Bigg Boss 14 Feb 4 2021

Bigg Boss 14 has crossed the hundred-day mark, and the contestants are losing their minds. All while trying to entertain the audience, they also struggle with a lot of internal battles. The contestants have begun to get on one another’s nerves, which can be seen through their behavior nowadays. The contestants are getting violent with one another as they cannot handle one another’s personalities anymore. Today’s episode will see two such instances of complete unraveling.

Rakhi and Abhinav have an ongoing war that cannot be resolved. Rakhi is heard asking Abhinav if he isn’t talking to her because his wife said so. Finally, she says that even though he acts like a righteousness model, he is a ‘thanks.’ Abhinav loses his cool and begins shouting. During all this, Rubina walks in, fills a bucket of water, and empties it on Rakhi while calling her a disgusting woman. Considering this is an act of violence, Bigg Boss eventually punishes Rubina, and she will be nominated for the entire season.

Arshi always manages to snub people the wrong, but tonight, her words affect Devoleena to such an extent that she loses control over herself. Devoleena has a panic attack on national television. Arshi pokes Devoleena regarding her home and family life. Devoleena says that she will slap her. Unable to control her anger and frustration, Devoleena begins to throw cutlery. She continues doing so and tells Arshi to try and continue her drama from now on. Devoleena goes on to ask Bigg Boss whether he would call her into the confession room now. All the housemates are baffled by what they see.

Devoleena takes the food and throws it on Arshi’s face, and tells her to eat that now. She even throws the bowl of fruit that was in Arshi’s hand. Nikki tries her best to control Devoleena and is heard screaming what is wrong with her. They all try to control her as she heads towards a downward spiral. Devoleena warns Rubina that she isn’t becoming a statue of the truth by supporting Deevoleena screaming in the washroom and abuses Rubina. She begins to throw things in there as well. Nikki and Rahul rush in to control her. She has an out and out the panic attack and yells that she needs to talk to Bigg Boss. This does not seem to affect Arshi and Rubina as they act indifferent towards the situation.

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