Home Entertainment Bigg Boss 15 updates, eliminated and safe contestants List of Eight week, 28th November 2021

Bigg Boss 15 updates, eliminated and safe contestants List of Eight week, 28th November 2021

Bigg Boss 15 updates, eliminated and safe contestants List of seventh week, 21st November 2021

The grand premiere of the Bigg Boss 15 witnessed full of glitz and glamour on 02nd October 2021, on Colors TV. The Dabangg superstar, Salman Khan has returned as the host of the much awaited & popular reality TV show, Bigg Boss for consecutive 12th time. The show is airing on Colors TV and also available on Jio TV. You can stream online on Voot Select. The subscriber of Voot Select have exclusive 24×7 access to the Bigg Boss house.

The Bigg Boss 15 is also known as Bigg Boss: Sankat In Jungle or Bigg Boss: Pan Pana Pan Pandrah, because this time the makers of Bigg Boss has given a jungle theme to the show which is quite interesting.

Now, let’s know the status summary of all the contestants in the Bigg Boss house, of who is eliminated and who are the safe contestants.

Date – 28th November 2021

Day – 58th (Sunday)

Week – 08

  • As Salman Khan announced last week, (7th week) that out of the present 11, only 5 contestants will go ahead.
  • In the 8th week, as per the announcement, Jay Bhanushali, Simba Nagpal, Rajiv Adatia, Neha Bhasin, Vishal Kotian, Umar Riaz were chosen as bottom 6 out of the 11 contestants by media, on press conference, and remaining 5 contestants were safe as top 5 finalist.
  • From the Bottom 6 contestants, Simba Nagpal got eliminated from the Bigg Boss House by the top 5 contestants on 24th November 2021.
  • From the Bottom 5 contestants, Jay Bhanushali, Vishal Kotian, and Neha Bhasin were eliminated by public vote, from Bigg Boss House on 25th November 2021.

Results of the Nominated Contestants for the 8th Week Elimination Process

Sr.No. Nominated Contestants Results
1 Simba Nagpal Evicted
2 Rajiv Adatia Safe
3 Neha Bhasin Evicted
4 Vishal Kotian Evicted
5 Jay Bhanushali Evicted
6 Umar Riaz Safe

Wild Card Entry  

Rashmi Desai, Devoleena Bhattacharjee and Rakhi Sawant has entered the house as wild card contestants on day 56, 26th November 2021.

8th Week Elimination Result

There was no eviction for the 8th week elimination process. All the reamining contestants are safe.

Overall Elimination Details Till Now

Name Status Date Day
Jay Bhanushali Evicted 25th November 2021  55th  
Vishal Kotian Evicted  25th November 2021   55th
Tejasswi Prakash In competition    
Vidhi Pandya Evicted (mid-week eviction) 19th October 2021 18th
Simba Nagpal Evicted  24th November 2021  54th  
Umar Riaz In competition    
Ieeshan Sehgal Evicted 7th November 2021  37th  
Donal Bisht Evicted (mid-week eviction) 19th October 2021 18th
Akasa Khan Evicted  31st October 2021 29th  
Karan Kundra In competition    
Afsana Khan Eliminated 11th November 2021   40th
Miesha Iyer Evicted 6th November 2021  36th  
Sahil Shroff Evicted 10th October 2021 8th
Pratik Sehajpal In competition    
Shamita Shetty In competition    
Nishant Bhatt In competition    
Rajiv Adatia Wild card entry (In competition) 24th October 2021  
Raquesh Bapat Wild card entry (Left) 11th November 2021 40th
Neha Bhasin Wild card entry (Evicted) 25th November 2021 55th
Abhijeet Bichukale Wild card entry (In competition) 20th November 2021  
Ṛashmi Desai Wild card entry (In competition) 26th November 2021  
Devoleena Bhattacharjee Wild card entry (In competition) 26th November 2021  
Rakhi Sawant Wild card entry (In competition) 26th November 2021  


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