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Bigg Boss Malayalam 3 25th March 2021: Ball Catching Task Impacts Voting Results, Two Contestants Face Eviction Danger? – TheNewsCrunch

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Bigg Boss Malayalam Season 3 is in the middle of an eventful sixth week. The reality show evicted four of its contestants so far. Six contestants entered the nominations list for eliminations in week 6 of Bigg Boss Malayalam Season 3. Lakshmi Jayan and wildcard entrants Michelle Ann, Remya Panicker, and Angel Thomas were the contestants who got evicted so far.

Bigg Boss Malayalam Season 3 nominations task set the tone for the rest of the week’s drama. Dimple Bhal stays strong on top of the voting results but there is confusion at the bottom. Soorya reentered the nominations after a week’s break. Three contestants are in contention for eviction this week.

The drama surrounding this week’s ball-catching task and associated performances is impacting the voting results by considerable means. Majiziya and Anoop are lurking around in the bottom two and Sajna/Firoz’s safety seems to be a huge positive for her prospects this week.

Bigg Boss Malayalam 3 Voting Results Week 6 Eviction – 24th March 2021

  • Dimple Bhal – 20% vote share (60,423 votes)
  • Sajna and Firoz – 17% vote share (51,094 votes)
  • Anoop – 16% vote share (48,715 votes)
  • Sai Vishnu – 16% vote share (48,335 votes)
  • Soorya – 17% vote share (51,321 votes)
  • Majiziya Bhanu – 15% vote share (45,332 votes)

Bigg Boss 3 Malayalam Nominated Contestants Week 6

  • Dimple Bhal
  • Majiziya Bhanu
  • Soorya Menon
  • Sajna and Firoz
  • Sai Vishnu
  • Anoop Krishnan

Bigg Boss 3 Malayalam Eviction Week 6 Voting Trends and Analysis

The thrilling ball-catching task was the major highlight of this week. All the contestants were eligible for nominations this week. However, the team’s united performance in the first two rounds ended up with a fight-ridden third round.

  • Ramzan dropped a few balls which was an under-par performance. His fight in the third round against Firoz Khan showed his frustration.
  • Anoop’s vote share shows a marginal increase after Wednesday’s performance.
  • Majiziya failed to impress the audience and ended up at the bottom of the vote results. The rollercoaster eviction surprise for this week continues.
  • Sai Vishnu failed to impress the housemates but his fan base will spring into action from the first day of voting.
  • Manikuttan’s impressive performance in a physical task proved that he is an all-rounder.
  • Sajna and Firoz’s nomination this week triggers an increased quest for coverage from the wildcard couple.
  • Dimple Bhal’s support ceases to fade out as she emerges as the most popular contestant yet again.
  • Soorya, Noby, and Majiziya failed to impress in the ball-catching task.
  • Sai Vishnu’s shift to the other clan gives him an edge but it is unclear if it would be enough.
  • Majiziya might be saved if Dimple’s fans start voting for her. It might be interesting to see if it happens in the last two days of voting.

Captain Kidilam Firoz was safe from nominations this week. 

Who Will Be Safe From Eviction This Week?

According to reports, Dimple Bhal and Sajna/Firoz are likely to be safe this week.

Who Will Be in Danger of Eviction This Week?

According to reports, Majiziya is likely to be evicted this week.

Bigg Boss Malayalam 3 Evicted Contestants

  • Lakshmi Jayan (Week 2)
  • Michelle Ann (Week 3)
  • Angel Thomas (Week 4)
  • Remya Panicker (Week 5)


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