Mainstream adoption is a far away dream but we are changing that with the most powerful crypto app ever built.

Tallinn, Harju May 13, 2021 (  – Bitcoin was invented to facilitate peer-to-peer transactions at a global scale, establishing a currency that could function without reliance on third parties. However, for currencies to have sustainable long-term value, one must be able to spend them easily on necessities or desirable items which so far has proven difficult, time-consuming, and expensive for the average user.

For Cryptocurrency to see widespread adoption as a means of payment, people and businesses need a well-governed system in which to transact with speed, security, and ease. The ability to accept and process multiple Cryptocurrencies (without latency) is also important.

So far, attempts to increase mainstream adoption have been futile with little impact. Large corporations touting “crypto acceptance” are almost without exception just offering a Crypto/Fiat conversion on behalf of the buyer, which is neither in alignment with the ethos of crypto nor what ‘Satoshi Nakamoto’ was hoping for.

With BitcoinVend, the community will no longer need to rely on Fiat to use their crypto which could result in profound transformation as opposed to mere speculation. Not just for the existing community, for the world.

Bitcoin veteran and founder of BitcoinVend, Christopher Cousins: “We’ve created a straightforward product that anyone can easily use. If you can turn on your phone, you can use BitcoinVend.”

What is BitcoinVend and what does it do?

BitcoinVend is the world´s first all-encompassing crypto-only ecosystem. The Smartphone Application combines:

  • A marketplace for goods & services, like eBay or Facebook Marketplace.
  • A payments system for individuals & businesses, like Revolut or PayPal.
  • An exchange for peer-to-peer swaps as well as brokerage-style trades.

The key differences between BitcoinVend and the typical payments app or crypto wallet are first that it is convenient, intuitive, and jargon-free. Secondly, it puts everything required to buy & sell, pay, accept payments and convert all in one place. And lastly, the users themselves are largely responsible for how the system is ´managed´.   

Users will build (or lose) reputational scores, provide most of the customer support, resolve disputes independently, and ´police´ the system like private investigators. Furthermore, we plan to integrate voting for policies, governance, and future feature integrations.

The product is made possible using technology that spans application development, crypto wallets, settlement infrastructure, a Cryptocurrency token (BitcoinVend Token, Ticker: BCVT) as well as social economics (or Game Theory if you will) to keep it clean and just. There is no other solution like BitcoinVend and this is what Cryptocurrency needs to turn adoption dreams into reality.

In summary, think of BitcoinVend as a next-generation exchange where it is not just Cryptocurrency being exchanged, but products, services, payments, and goodwill too. It is self-contained yet borderless and has no barrier to entry except a Smartphone. The most powerful crypto app ever built may seem like a brash statement but once people experience what it can do, they will understand why we can confidently say that.

BitcoinVend is a safe & low-cost way to integrate Cryptocurrency into everyday life, business, and the world, BitcoinVend is The eConomy Evolved.

The initial focus is on attracting individual users and small merchants but in the future, a desktop version will be released with additional features/functionality. The app is currently in Beta testing.

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