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Brandon Flynn (13 Reasons Why) Opened Up About His Sobriety After Being Addicted To Drugs – Crossover 99

Just a few weeks ago, we discovered the touching message from Brandon Flynn for the birthday of Dylan Minnette, his co-star in 13 Reasons Why. The two actors have forged a true friendship behind the scenes of the Netflix series, a bond that will surely mark them forever. Today, the one who played Justin Foley made some very personal confidences on his Instagram account. He was revealed to be sober for a year, after being addicted to drugs for several years. Brandon Flynn wrote: “A year of sobriety today. I wasn’t sure if I wanted to share this on social media because it feels so personal and sometimes negative, and a bigger question of what privacy is and what which is precious to those who follow me, who believe in me. ”

“Besides choosing a life of sobriety, following the fears of falling someday (and fear is a fun thing), afraid of letting people down, afraid of letting me down, afraid of being lost, but, which surpasses that, and this is what I would like to share with you, what surpasses is a sense of pride and gratitude that I have never really experienced. This year has been so difficult for many of us in so many obvious ways, and when we can’t imagine how life still manages to go on when everything seems so bad, it hits us, life just keeps ongoing. unroll and we have a lot to do throughout the day … And for those of us who take the day in and day out for whatever reason, overcoming the little things to the big ones, I’m proud of you. ”

Brandon Flynn ended his post with these words: “For those of us who have chosen to cure ourselves in a global pandemic, amid a time that seems hopeless, where isolation is a necessity, where nothing seems as it should be I just want you to know you are not alone … Proud and grateful for so many things today, yesterday and tomorrow one of them being your constant support. ” Here is a touching text from the actor of 13 Reasons Why! After several dark years, Brandon Flynn has managed to get up and we can only be proud of him. Very quickly, Internet users have no elsewhere, he did not fail to congratulate the young man after his very personal words. In another context, discover the partners of the stars of 13 Reasons Why in real life.

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