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Shark Tank India: Bringing Indian Handicraft To The World

Shark Tank India

The Shark Tank India episode aired on 26th January, 2022 was an interesting one. An entire range of hand-crafted products were presented to the sharks. Right from the hands of Indian craftsmen. The candidate had a business where he sold beautifully hand-crafted copper bottles, cups, water bottles and other home utilities. All which were made by Indian craftsmen and he sold to the Indian customers. By doing so, he was promulgating Indian craft that is very underrated. People find it very interesting that such magnificent designs on the pottery is sold at places that are not villages. In fact, these are sold at the retail shops in airports!

The contestant had his stores in four airports and an online presence too. He had just made his deal with the fifth airport and a total of 11 airports were in negotiations with him. He wanted to expand his business to the malls as well, to increase profits. And more importantly the craft of the talented craftsmen. He got the idea of helping these craftsmen from a small village where he saw kulhads being made. Indeed, the people making such kulhads are really talented and it will be a pleasure to see their presence pan India.

Shark Namita co-incidentally had visited one of these outlets in the airport and spent a lot of time there admiring the beautiful pieces. She was quick to make an offer to him. The contestant quoted 65 lacs for 1% of equity. Namita offered him 65 lacs but with 5% of equity. All the other sharks found the business to be still in its rudimentary stages and were not ready to invest. To Shark Namita’s offer, the contestant counter-offered 65 lacs at 2% equity. After a long negotiation, they came down to an understanding at 65 lacs in return for 3% equity. This was probably because Shark Namita was very drawn to the concept of making Indian handcrafted products available pan India and also internationally.

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