Home EntertainmentBollywood BTS gains twice the average followers after Maknae Jeon Jung-kook’s selfie; ARMY trends #Jungkookeffect | Bollywood Life

BTS gains twice the average followers after Maknae Jeon Jung-kook’s selfie; ARMY trends #Jungkookeffect | Bollywood Life

BTS gains twice the average followers after Maknae Jeon Jung-kook's selfie; ARMY trends #Jungkookeffect | Bollywood Life

The popularity of BTS is already high. But can you believe it if we say, it’s rising evermore? Yes, the K-pop mania is on an all-time high this week. All thanks to Big Hit dropping the Winter Package 2021 preview on their youtube and BTS’ Maknae aka Jeon Jungkook’s selfie. Jungkook is gaining a lot of attention these days due to his adorable personality. And given his latest selca aka selfie that he posted on BTS’s official Twitter handle. And guess what? there’s a surge in BTS’folowers on social media post that selfie. Well, yeah, usually the social media handle gets a fair few thousands of followers daily, but Jungkook’s selfie created its effect and they earned about twice their average followers. Also Read – BTS: Jungkook and Jin feature on a fan-made poster of Netflix’s Sweet Home leaving the army with a meltdown

According to a US-based website called Social Blade’s media statistics and analytics, @BTS_twt (official Twitter handle of BTS) has gained over 50K followers following Jungkook’s selfie tweet. And it is not just double the amount of their daily average figures but also their highest numbers since the year began. We came across this statistical data. Check it out below: Also Read – BTS: ARMY showers Jeon Jungkook with love as his pout-selfie goes VIRAL — view tweet

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Talking about the selfie, in the picture, Jeon Jungkook is seen sporting a blonde hairdo. He is also pouting while clicking the picture, but it’s not the usual pout. And his adorableness couldn’t get any more adorable as his pout features his bunny teeth too. BTS’ Jeon Jungkook’s fans are going crazy over the selfie. They have been gushing over the Maknae of the BTS boy band and began trending him on social media by sharing GIFs and cutesy emoticons and sharing videos featuring Jungkook in them.

This is not the first time that the Jungkook effect has increased the followers for BTS. Back in 2020, his ‘Never Not’ tweet had also seen a surge in the number of BTS followers. Jungkook also has two more tweets making it four to be the most tweeted individual apart from the others in the band to have the most retweeted tweet, as per Wikipedia. ARMY has been trending #Jungkookeffect every since. Check their tweets below:

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