BTS: Kim Nam-Joon’s English language lessons had a FRIENDS connect — find out how | Bollywood Life

BTS: Kim Nam-Joon's English language lessons had a FRIENDS connect — find out how | Bollywood Life

Kim Nam-Joon aka RM has a legion of followers all over the world. He is the frontman and lead rapper of the superhit K-Pop group, BTS. It is seen that he does the maximum talking when the group is travelling abroad. This is because he is more fluent in the language than other BTS members. And you will be surprised to know how he mastered the English language. He did not take a English speaking course or hire a private tutor. Also Read – BTS: ARMY is going gaga over Jungkook’s long hairdo — view tweets

Kim Nam-Joon or RM learnt English via the sitcom, FRIENDS. When he was visited by Ellen DeGeneres on her show, he said he learnt English from the show, FRIENDS. It seems his mother got him ten DVDs of the whole show. RM first watched it in Korean with English subtitles. Later, he watched it in English with Korean subtitles. Finally, he watched it in full English. Also Read – When BTS’ V crooned Justin Bieber’s Holy to win ARMY and our hearts – watch video

RM said that Chandler was his fave from FRIENDS. He is also a fan of Ross (David Schwimmer) and Rachel (Jennifer Aniston) romance. It is not unusual for people to learn English from songs and movies. In Korea, English is not taught as first language like in Indian schools. But RM is known to be a bright student with above-average IQ. Also Read – BTS’ 2021 winter package trailer is all about hope; Members ‘chill’ with each other in the cold

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