BTS Winter Package explained – here’s everything you need to know | Bollywood Life

BTS Winter Package explained – here's everything you need to know | Bollywood Life

BTS recently released its 2021 winter package trailer. All the members looked adorable in the video. Their song ‘Life Goes On’ played in the background as they were seen ‘chilling’. But if you are wondering what exactly is a BTS Winter Package, you have come to the right place. Also Read – BTS gains twice the average followers after Maknae Jeon Jung-kook’s selfie; ARMY trends #Jungkookeffect

It basically is merchandise consisting of a few items that give an insight to the band. This merchandise consists of various items such as a DVD, photo book and others. It also provides insights to each band members individually and as a group. Also Read – BTS: Kim Nam-Joon’s English language lessons had a FRIENDS connect — find out how

The preview video of the Winter Package was reportedly shot at Gangwon-do in South Korea. Have a look at it below: Also Read – BTS: ARMY is going gaga over Jungkook’s long hairdo — view tweets

Meanwhile, their chartbuster, Dynamite has got 800 million views on YouTube. The song had topped the Billboard singles chart last year.

In a past interview, BTS member Jimin spoke to VLive about his love for dancing. He said, “I’ve liked dancing since I was in grade eight. I even attended a dancing center after school, I tried to practice even when I didn’t have much time. I also felt very nervous on days I had performances.”

In an interview with Rolling Stone India, Jimin spoke about how the COVID-19 pandemic upended the group’s plans for 2020. “The pandemic unexpectedly put a lot of our original plans to a halt. However it provided us an opportunity to step back and focus on ourselves as well as our music,” said Jimin. “We reflected the emotions that we felt during this unprecedented period into this album. We were also able to take a step further by taking roles in overall production, such as concept development, composition and visual design.”

Despite his social media popularity, Jimin has said that music will always be his number one focus. “I wish BTS could set up a model for K-pop with the best music and content so we have a positive impact on the U.S. music scene. It would be really great if our music continues to touch people,” he told Elle.

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