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Capgemini sets up quantum lab in partnership with IBM

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Capgemini on Wednesday has announced that it has set up a dedicated lab and team of quantum technology experts from across the globe known as quantum computing laboratory also known as Capgemini Q-Lab.

The Capgemini’s Quantum Lab(Q-Lab) facility will be available in India, Portugal, and the UK and will work as research facilities to help build quantum applications. According to Capgemini, Capgemini’s Quantum Lab(Q-Lab) will be used by the company’s clients to build in-house quantum computing applications as well as licensable technologies for end-to-end implementation.

Capgemini has signed an agreement with IBM to become an IBM Quantum Hub providing its client access to IBM’s quantum computing systems as well as to access all its professional services for end-to-end implementation. This will also facilitate the users of the laboratory to access IBM’s computing platforms including access to Qiskit an IBM’s open source quantum information Software development kit. The Q-Lab will also feature the latest 127-qubit Eagle quantum processor.

By Working with IBM, Capgemini joins more than 170 IBM Quantum Network Members, including Fortune 500 companies, academics, startups, research labs, and institutions all working together to advance quantum computing and to explore practical applications.

What will be the Quantum Lab focussing on?

Capgemini’s Quantum Lab(Q-Lab) will be focussing on three areas of value creation for their clients:

Quantum Computing: Quantum Computing refers to the use of quantum properties to perform high-level computations. It can be used in Machine Learning and Simulation.

Quantum Communications: Quantum Secure Communications involves controlling and transmitting information using the laws of quantum mechanics. They have an immense impact on areas critical to science, industry, and data security.

Quantum Sensing: Quantum Sensing refers to the measurement of quantum states which are extremely sensitive to disturbance.

“Establishing a quantum industry will require a deep focus on expanding the quantum computing ecosystem across public and private sectors – something IBM cannot do alone. Clients will have options for hands-on expertise to develop proofs of concepts to explore the potential of quantum computing across a variety of industries and disciplines”, said Jay Gambetta, vice president of IBM on Wednesday.

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