Home Business Carnival Stock Is Slumping, and Executives Are Selling Stock

Carnival Stock Is Slumping, and Executives Are Selling Stock

Carnival Stock Is Slumping, and Executives Are Selling Stock

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Carnival CEO Arnold Donald, Chief Financial Officer David Bernstein, and Arnaldo Perez, the cruise line’s general counsel, sold a total of $2.7 million of stock.



stock cratered last year, as the coronavirus pandemic wiped out the market for cruises, and in mid-January, three top executives, including chief executive Arnold Donald, sold shares.

Carnival (ticker: CCL) shares plunged 67% in 2020, and that was following a December boost.

On Jan. 11, Carnival stock dipped after the company preliminarily reported a large fourth-quarter loss. The shares are now down about 5% this year.

CEO Donald sold 62,639 Carnival shares on Jan. 14 for $1.3 million, an average per share price of $21.12. According to a form he filed with the Securities and Exchange Commission, Donald now owns 170,371 shares, including dividend-equivalent stock associated with the release of restricted share units. He owns another 565,199 shares through a trust that he controls.

Chief Financial Officer David Bernstein sold 49,031 Carnival shares on Jan. 14 for a total of $1 million, an average price of $21.12 each. He now owns 74,156, including dividend-equivalent shares.

Arnaldo Perez, general counsel and secretary, sold 14,215 Carnival shares for $300,220, also on Jan. 14 and at a per share average price of $21.12. Perez now owns 31,357 shares, including dividend-equivalent shares. Perez also owns another 34,832 Carnival shares through a trust.

Carnival didn’t respond to a request to make the executives available for comment on their stock sales.

None of the executives sold stock last year.

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