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Check out what changes these celebrities made in 2020!

For Nawazuddin, being supportive, being minimalist and staying positive is most important.

With the pandemic ruling our lives this year, every one of us made changes to adapt to the situation. Celebrities, too, worked their way around the circumstances. Here they share the one change they made in their lifestyle or lives, in this year, which they enjoyed and plan to continue in the future.


Nawazuddin Siddiqui

This year has led to introspection and forced people to think and realise that materialistic things didn’t help at all in the pandemic. We also realised that we can live with minimalism. The other thing, I felt was that being helpful, supportive and looking after each other’s happiness will make lives better. It depends what you take away from the current scenario. For me, being supportive, being minimalist and staying positive is most important.


Aftab Shivdasani

What became a habit and will remain with me is holding doorknobs, pressing elevator buttons or any buttons outdoors with a glove and not to forget, sanitising my hands if I touch anything outside my house. It is a good habit and it will remain. People are going be apprehensive for a while and washing or sanitising your hands has become a subconscious act. In the future, when we won’t have a mask all the time, people will feel that something’s missing from their face.


Kirti Kulhari

I’ve realised that nothing in life gets sorted by fear. It’s one thing to panic about the pandemic and another thing to take charge and overcome the fear. Secondly, the idea of doing things for the future doesn’t work. Live for today! There is no guarantee about tomorrow. The pandemic reaffirmed by belief that what we have is the present and we should live in the moment.


Sunil Grover

During the lockdown, I had started enjoying having tea while sitting in my balcony. It was soothing, relaxing and comforting. I wanted a balcony so I could enjoy the space but due to work, I just couldn’t and the lockdown gave me a chance to slow down and do just that. I loved it and hope to continue the habit, as often as possible. I also looked forward to diya and puja everyday which now, due to work, I try to do when possible.


Sayani Gupta

More than change, the one thing I realised is that privileged people should share their resources with others. I want to continue sharing what I can with those who don’t have the resources, for whatever reasons and circumstances. A lot of people have suffered during the pandemic and what I am trying to do, in a tiny way, is fund education of kids, who had to quit school due to monetary reasons. I feel we should minimise our wastage and constantly think of people who don’t have as much. Lastly, I look at death philosophically and I realised quickly life can be snuffed out, so if you want to give something or talk to someone, do it! Don’t wait for the future.

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