Home Entertainment Chinnaponnu’s Bigg Boss Tamil 5 Journey Updates

Chinnaponnu’s Bigg Boss Tamil 5 Journey Updates

Chinnaponnu’s Bigg Boss Tamil 5 Journey Updates

Chinna Ponnu has inscribed her name in the popular show, Bigg Boss Tamil Season 5.

Chinnaponnu is an Indian Tamil Folk artist and playback singer, mainly in Tamil. She is from Sivagangai, Tamil Nadu, India. In 2004, she had sung a Tamil song, “Vazhthuren Vazhthuren” in the hit movie Chandramukhi, which became a stepping stone in her career. Her major hit song “Nakku Mukka” was honored with the Kannadasan Award for Best Folk Singer in a Tamil movie. Chinnaponnu’s this song also featured in the Bollywood hit film ‘The Dirty Picture’.

She won the ‘Edition Award 2010’ for the song “Theeka Theeka” in the Tamil movie ‘Suriyan Satta Kalloori’.

In 2012, Chinnaponnu made entry in the Telugu film industry with the song “Pattuko Pattuko” in the move Bus Stop.

In the year 1990, Chinnaponnu was married to Selva Kumar, who is a composer and percussionist.

As we know, The Bigg Boss Tamil 5 is being hosted by actor-politician, Kamal Haasan, who emerged as a successful host since last 4 years for the show.

Let’s summarize Chinnaponnu’s Bigg Boss Journey till date

1st Week

Chinnaponnu entered the Bigg Boss house on the grand premier day, 3rd October 2021. In the first week, In the first week, all the members were divided into cooking team, housekeeping team, vessel washing team and washroom cleaning team. Chinnaponnu came forward to become the captain of one of the team.

During the Oru Kadhai Sollattuma task, each and every contestant had to share their life journey to which other contestants had to response to their story through emojis such as like, dislike, heart. Chinnaponnu also narrated her story as the part of the task. She spoke about her struggling due to poverty during childhood. She got married to a person with her sheer love for folk art. She added that how they had to travel from one palce to other with their new born baby to perform in shows. She also regretted for not taking care of her parents.

Chinnaponnu along with all the housemates were nominated for the 1st week elimination. But the good thing was that there was no eviction process for the first week. But for the second week elimination process, Chinnaponnu was also nominated along with the other housemates.

2nd Week

Chinnaponnu was nominated for the 2nd week elimination process along with the other housemates. In the 2nd week, Priyanka Deshpande, Abhishek Raaja and others were seen discussing about the goof-up of not introducing Chinnaponnu respectfully during the special performance held for Vijayadashami festival. This hurted Chinnaponnu a lot.

In the 2nd week eviction process, Chinnaponnu reached in the danger zone announced on weekend episode, however, she was safe from the 2nd week eviction process revealed on Sunday, 17th October 2021, by the host Kamal Haasan.


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