Home Entertainment Chris Hemsworth suffers from ‘severe back injury’, seeks hospital treatment

Chris Hemsworth suffers from ‘severe back injury’, seeks hospital treatment

Chris Hemsworth suffers from 'severe back injury', seeks hospital treatment

Chris Hemsworth has suffered an acute back injury and is seeking hospital assistance. The actor is busy shooting for Marvel’s ‘Thor: Love and Thunder’ in Sydney where he had a minor setback, suffering from an acute back injury in the past few weeks.

According to Sunday Confidential, Chris, 37, recently sought treatment at a private hospital on Queensland’s Gold Coast, near his home base in Byron Bay.  Chris has been taking intense training for both his fourth Thor movie and an upcoming biopic for WWE wrestling celebrity Hulk Hogan.

The publication claimed it’s unclear how Chris sustained the injury, but appeared to be on the mend. It’s believed Chris’ severe back pain and swelling was seen by ‘specialist doctors’, who administered cortisone injections into the Australian actor’s back.

Chris previously has spoken about his back troubles, having told Men’s Health UK in March 2019 that he had to change up his training and nutrition to stop the injuries from becoming ‘a drag’ while training for and filming the Thor movies.  

Chris told the publication at the time: ‘On certain days, when I’ve had a few injuries – and I had quite a few during Thor – it can start to become a drag, you know? But over the past year or so, I changed up a lot of my training and nutrition program, and I feel the best I’ve ever felt.’ 

‘I’ve found that, after lifting weights for so long and not getting in touch with my fast-twitch fibres, the snappiness that my body had [has gone]. In the dads’ race at my kid’s school last year, I hadn’t sprinted in about five years – then, boom, you go and do a 100m sprint at full pelt. My back was cranked for weeks,’ he admitted.

‘I need to do some more sprint work, I guess. It just hurts. Running is painful. I don’t do a lot of running for that reason. I’d rather have mobility in my body from surfing and get that fluidity that I enjoy,’ Chris said.

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