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Chrome is blocking popular extension The Great Suspender, but there’s a way to recover your tabs

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Google has apparently blocked The Great Suspender extension from Chrome, with existing users now receiving a message that it has “been disabled because it contains malware.” It’s also been removed from the Chrome Web Store, with any links to it now leading to a 404 page. Some are worried about losing their tabs, but Reddit users have found a way to recover them (via XDA-Developers’ Mishaal Rahman).

The Great Suspender was a hugely useful extension — minus the malware, at least — for keeping your browser running smoothly. The tool would automatically shut down tabs that you hadn’t looked at for a while, replacing them with a blank gray screen. Return to the tab, and you could click to reload back to where you were. Given Chrome’s tendency to hog much of a computer’s memory, the extension was a simple way to keep your browser moving a bit faster, without actually forcing you to close old tabs.

The warning Chrome gives users if they have the extension installed.

If you used the extension and are looking to get your tabs back, the steps are simple, if a bit tedious. If the tabs were open, you can go to them and click into the URL bar. There will be a ton of text that looks something like this:


At the end will be the address for the page you were on. Deleting everything before the URL and hitting enter will bring the page back to life.

Reddit user avatar_ENG also discovered you can still get those tabs back by searching your Chrome history. It’s basically the same process as above: you search for the extension’s ID, klbibkeccnjlkjkiokjodocebajanakg, then open the tabs and remove the junk. It may be an annoying process, but it’s better than losing any work or incredible memes you had open.

Neither Google nor the developers of the extension immediately responded to a request for comment.

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