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Cook With Comali Season 2 Winner, Runner-Up


‘Cook With Comali 2’ is near to it’s finale with top 5 finalists. The five finalists will battle it out in a five-hour-long finale episode. The suspense around the ‘Cook With Comali 2’ winner is gaining traction by the day. The Grand finale will feature an epic ensemble of amazing cooking and comedy along with special guests.

Cook With Comali 2 Winner, Runner Up List

Kani is the winner of ‘Cook With Comali 2’. Shakeela is the first runner-up of the show, followed by Ashwin Kumar as the second runner-up and Pavithra Lakshmi as the third runner-up of the show.

Kani ThiruWinner
Shakeela Begum1st Runner Up
Ashwin Kumar2nd Runner Up
Baba Bhaskar 3rd Runner Up
Pavithra Lakshmi4th Runner Up

‘Cook With Comali 2’ Grand Finale Updates

‘Cook With Comali 2’ Grand finale telecast on the 14th of April 2021. Actor Simbu appeared as a special guest for the Grand finale.

The five finalists face multiple challenges before one of them is crowned the ‘title winner’ of ‘Cook With Comali 2’. Manimegalai was back for the Grand finale after a brief break. The most trending pair of this season of ‘Cook With Comali 2’, Ashwin and Shivangi unite for one last time for this season. Incidentally, they were paired together for the tenth time.

The pairing of a Cook with a Comali is the highlight of the show. They were paired as follows,

  1. Ashwin Kumar & Shivangi
  2. Kani Thiru and Bala
  3. Pavithra Laxmi and Manimeghalai

Vijay TV has premiered a new Cooking Show, Cookku with Kirikku, Kannada remake of this show (Cooku with Comali). The unique feature of the show is that 16 well-known celebrities from the Kannada entertainment industry will be seen on one single platform. Read More

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