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Cook With Comali Season 3: Starting Date, Release Date

Cook with Comali Season 3

The popular cooking cum comedy reality show, Cook With Comali wrapped up its second season recently. Cook With Comali 2 was a sensational hit among the audience and Star Vijay made the most out of it. The epic grand finale of Cook With Comali 2 saw fans shedding tears over the closure of the show. However, there is a lot of buzz about Cook With Comali 3 starting soon.

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Cook With Comali Season 3 Starting Date – What to Expect?

The judges of the show, Chef Venkatesh Bhatt and Chef Dhamu will be a part of Cook With Comali Season 3. However, Chef Venkatesh Bhatt is currently a part of Cook With Kirikku, a remake of Cook With Comali in Kannada. According to reports, the show did not take off as expected as it did in Tamil.

Cook With Comali Season 3 will feature a whole new set of cooks and Comalis. However, a few Comalis like Bala, Pugazh and Shivangi are expected to return to the show. Their charisma and screen presence wooed the audience in the first two seasons. Host Rakshan is also expected to continue in Cook With Comali Season 3. There were several special performances and only one wildcard entry this season.

Cook With Comali Season 3 will start production in August 2021. However, the Covid-19 pandemic might play havoc on the production schedule as of now. The production company Media Masons are in the hunt for suitable contestants for the show. Hence, the potential to grab the audience’s interest in the show looms large.

There are several fake promos of the third season doing rounds on social media. The gripping show will feature several twists in the format in the upcoming season. However, the show will be telecasted in September 2021 as per current reports.

Hence, Cook With Comali fans can rejoice as the new season is just a few months away.

Cook With Comali Season 3 Probable Contestants 

Sudarshan who entered the show as Pavithra’s friend is a potential contestant. Considering the need to have a charming young man on the contestants’ list after Ashwin’s raging popularity, the production team is in talks with Sudarshan.

Popular Bigg Boss Tamil 4 contestants, VJ Archana and Suresh are expected to be a part of the show. There is a lot of buzz around actor Oorvashi being a part of the show. However, official confirmation is awaited. Bigg Boss Tamil 3 star Kavin is rumoured to be a part of the show.



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