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Cook with Comali’s Chef Damu Family Photo goes Viral

Chef Damu Family Photo

The show ‘Cook with Comali’ aired on Vijay TV was very well accommodated by the fans and all the ‘Cooks’ and ‘Comalis’ who participated in the show became famous and are having a huge fan base.

Even Chef Damu and Chef Venkatesh Bhatt, who were the judges on the show, exhibited their performances with humor. It is remarkable that Chef Damu himself enjoyed playing with the clowns in between and enjoying their antics and dancing with the contestants.

The chef himself, who is active on Instagram, has shared photos of his family and videos with his cooking tips.

At this point, one of his old photos is going viral. Everyone is amazed to see this photo of Chef Damu holding his infant daughter. It is noteworthy that fans have been posting comments on this photo as he looks lean and completely different from his present looks.

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