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Couple-Preneurs on Shark Tank India

Shark Tank India

Shark Tank India has finally come to its season-end. Let’s see come of the Couple-Preneurs on Shark Tank India. Couple-Preneurs are people in a relationship who also own or operate a business together.

1. Agri Tourism India – Pandurang Taware and Vaishali Taware

They want to bring traditional items from villages to the world and connect them back to their roots. They provide services of tourism like selling handicrafts and taking people on farm tours.  Pandurang Taware has written the ‘Agri Policy’ himself. So they had to walk away with no deal.

2. COSIQ – Angad and Kanika

It is a skincare products brand. They make ethical and Intelligent products according to customers’ needs and do not claim to contain unnecessary items.

They got Anupam and Vineeta onboard for 50 lakhs 25% equity.

3. Skippi Ice Pops – Ravi Kabra and Anuja Kabira

Skippi is a popsicle brand that sells unfrozen popsicles. Consumers can simply purchase it from a nearby store and freeze it and enjoy it in the comfort of their home.

This was the first product that received the “All Sharks Deal.” The deal closed at 1 crore for 15% equity.

4. Menstrupedia – Tuhin and Aditi

Menstrupedia is a comic book brand for girls based on menstruation so that they learn more about periods and other things about their bodies.

They got Namita with them in 50 lakhs for 20% equity.

5. Raising Superstars Enterprises Private Limited – Raghav and Shraddha

This company has created an application for kids ages 0-3. Their app can be used to make children learn in just 5 mins of daily activity without any screen time.

They got Ashneer and Aman onboard for 1 crore in return for 4% equity.

6. Kabira Handmad – Nirmala Murarka and Dr. Manoj Murarka

The Kabira Handmad brand claims that it makes oil, flour, spices, dairy products without any adulteration by traditional and ancient methods. One of the things they do is put pictures of martyrs and a small description about them on their products which was appreciated well by all the sharks.

Unfortunately, they could not bag a deal.

7. SweeDesi – Suman and Vinod

This brand is motivated to bring you all the Indian sweets from different parts of India as fresh as possible within 24 hours. They had to walk away without any deal.

8. Bamboo India – Ashwini Shinde and Yogesh Shinde

The motive of this brand is to reduce plastic consumption in everyday items like toothbrushes, spectacles, ornaments, etc. They are pioneers in making bamboo brushes for the first time in India. They got a deal of 50 lakhs for 3.5% of their company’s equity and 30 lakhs as debt from Anupam and Ashneer.

9. AAS Vidyalaya – Vikas Kakwani and Leena Kakwani

Their motive is to make education available and affordable to children staying in remote locations where there are less or no schools. Therefore, they have installed a cyber-like structure wherein the kids can come and learn on tablets as and when they want.

They got a deal of 1.5 crores for 15% of their company’s equity from Namita, Peyush and Ashneer.

10. Guardian Gears – Tasneem Badri and Ismail Badri

Guardian Gears is a motorcycle gears brand which has expertise in making traveling gears, bags especially. They have exceptional quality products for motorcyclists and travelers.

The sharks liked their products but could not accept their counteroffer thus, and no deal took place.

11.   Kunafa World – Zamzeer Ahamed and Jameela Ruhi

Kunafa World is a brand that specializes in a delicacy called kunafa. Kunafa is a middle-eastern dessert served with sugar syrup. They have about 15+ varieties of kunafas available now.

Even though the sharks loved their product, they had to go home without a deal.

12.   PDD Falcon – Chirag Visaria and Sneha Visaria

PDD Falcon is a brand that has the motive of reducing the use of toxic, disposable plastic wares with stainless steel products. They have a whole section dedicated to kid’s products. Their motive was appreciated well by the sharks but unfortunately, they had to walk away without a deal.

13.  Shades of Spring – Nidhi Gupta and Anuj Bhagat

Shades of Spring is an online flower-gifting marketplace where people can get more than 300 varieties of fresh and exotic flowers. These flowers are provided to the customers within 48-72 hours of harvesting, so there’s no doubt about their freshness. All the sharks got astounded hearing this 300 crore valuation and pulled out without offering them any deal, just some advice.

14. C3 Med-Tech Private Limited – Yash Nagarsheth and Alisha Nagarsheth

They have a very nice vision of saving people’s vision with timely diagnosis of the eye. Their devices can help the doctors check for problems like glaucoma, diabetic retinopathy, cataract, etc. with just the image.

They did not get a deal as they refused to accept the low valuation of their company.

15. Colour Me Mad – Trishla Surana and Rajeev Surana

Their dream was to start their own company which could provide world-class orthopedic foot soles and prints their footwear with colorful designs. Comfort is what made this product engage itself into popularity.

They cracked a deal of 40 Lakhs for 25 % equity from Namita.

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