Dear Eonni: A BLACKPINK fan from India eager to watch Jisoo in Snowdrop and looks forward to Rosé’s solo debut

Dear Eonni: A BLACKPINK fan from India eager to watch Jisoo in Snowdrop and looks forward to Rosé's solo debut

In today’s Dear Eonni segment, a fan from India showered BLACKPINK members with love. She revealed she is excited about Jisoo’s Snowdrop and Rosé’s solo debut

BLACKPINK fans across the globe are emotional today for Lisa, Jennie, Jisoo and Rosé presented their first online concert, The Show. The members were seen performing some of their biggest hits, performing songs from their latest album for the first time and covering a few English songs as well. While fans were left begging for more, a fan from India reached out to the members to thank them for everything. Written before BLACKPINK presented The Show, Sufia from India expressed her gratitude towards the group and added that she was looking forward to Jisoo”s Snowdrop and Rosé’s solo debut. 

Read her letter below: 

My Dear Eonnies,

I’m just a fellow BLINK from West Bengal, Kolkata, that loves you so much, you are my inspiration and just my everything. You guys have gone through many hardships. The path was really hard for each one of you, I loved the story of your life, as I have watched the documentary film “BLACKPINK: LIGHT UP THE SKY”, and I learnt that you have to stay strong and fight for the dream you have. Whatever hardships you go through just stay strong, as for me when I’m sad or wanna give up, I only think about you guys and then I know we can’t have the thing that we desire the most if we won’t struggle, that gave me the strength to stand again 🙂 I can’t express how much I love and support you guys! I really wanna say that “THANKS FOR EXISTING” I love seeing you dancing, rapping, your most valuable and precious smile. I’m From India and I’m only 14 years old, my name is Sufia. 

Lisa eonnie, I always told myself that you were also 14 when you came all alone to Korea from Thailand, just for your dream that was really incredible. It was really hard for you, came to a new place faced a language barrier but still, you stayed strong and now you got what you deserved. Rosié eonnie, I’m eagerly waiting for your solo , and obviously Jisoo eonnie’s drama “SNOWDROP” will be legendary. You guys are so beautiful. Each of you has different auras, different energies, different styles, you guys are just PERFECT, and I hope that if BLACKPINK comes to India after the pandemic is over, we Indian BLINKS will be the happiest ever. Though many of us can’t afford it, we will be very happy if you come to our country and experience our culture in person 🙂 And I really really wanna meet you in person, wanna buy your merch, wanna buy your albums, but it’s the thing that many blinks can’t afford, kind of big problem but that’s fine, we are happy to see you guys happy So, Be Always Happy Jisoo, Jennie, Rosé and Lisa, Don’t Worry about the haters but, always know that there are Millions of BLINK that loves you, Hope this letter will reach to you! 

Your Sufia.

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