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Dear Eonni: A BLACKPINK fan from India reveals Jennie taught her an important life lesson

Dear Eonni: A BLACKPINK fan from India reveals Jennie taught her an important life lesson

In today’s edition of Dear Eonni, a BLINK from India penned a sweet birthday note to Jennie. She gushed about the rapper’s talent while also shared her thoughts on haters.

Dear Eonni: A BLACKPINK fan from India reveals Jennie taught her an important life lesson

BLINKS across the globe came together to celebrate BLACKPINK member Jennie”s birthday. From sweet birthday wishes to adorable fan edits, the internet was filled with some of the sweetest messages. Just hours before Jennie’s birthday came to an end, a fan from India sent across a letter to Pinkvilla, as part of the Dear Eonni segment, and showered her with love. 14-year-old Mahuya not only gushed about the BLACKPINK member’s rapping style, but she also shared her thoughts on haters. 

Read her letter below: 

Dear Jennie,

Happy birthday and welcome to the year 2021!!! I wish you with all my heart that this year will bring you closer to happiness. Before starting the letter let me give you my introduction cause who will not like to introduce themselves to their idol, right? I am from India and am 14 yrs old and…….. I am a BLINK! Well isn’t it so obvious? You know what, I love your vocals a lot. You are the one who has inspired me to rap immensely fast and has also given me a life lesson. 

A lesson I will never forget. You are one of the biggest examples who truly show that nothing is gonna bring you down from where you have reached if you really believe in yourself and your capabilities. I am so proud of you!! You have grown into a beautiful and savage woman with a powerful voice which literally says that you are not gonna let your haters ruin your success. Aside from this I love your rapping style and your savage but at the same time cute personality. 

I know you are always trying to keep a happy face to make your fans happy cause your heart wants it. So for that let me say you how I always try to stay happy and keep my haters away (I do have some but they don’t know that I know about them talking behind my back). You know I love my haters as they are my biggest fans. They always talk about me and try to find my secrets so that they can use it. So sometimes I feel like ‘damn I have made a fan club for myself’. Aside from this, I have recently realised that those who are trying to bring me down are already below me!

I don’t know if my thoughts would be helpful for you or not but it felt nice to share it with you. Oh no!! What am I saying?! Today’s your birthday!! So for today try to relax your mind and spend it with your closed ones (if you don’t have work today). If you would have been really in my area then I could’ve given you a gift…… Forget that. 

So bye for now cause I wouldn’t want to waste your time as you will have more fans waiting for you to wish you from worldwide. Hopefully, my letter would reach you soon. And never forget that those who are hating you are the ones who want to be you. Sorry if any of my words have hurt you.

With love and sincerity


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Disclaimer: This is user-generated content. The views and opinions expressed in this letter are those of the author.

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